Why people should try out a live casino

Casino gaming has been undergoing an apparently unstoppable rise for the past 20 years. As the digital world assumes an ever greater role in our lives, online casino has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of that.

Casinos have managed to maintain and expand their reach while other forms of entertainment have fallen out fashion. At least in part that is because they have taken advantage of improvements in games tech to introduce new features.

These range from poker games that deploy virtual reality (VR) technology to live casino. The latter has been a particular hit with customers and has significantly broadened the appeal of online casino.

So what exactly is live casino and why should you be trying it out?

What Live Casino is

For a long time, online casinos thrived mainly due to the convenience that they provided compared to bricks and mortar ones. After all, in the winter, being able to log into an online site to gamble has more appeal than going out in the cold and dark to a land-based casino.

Choosing land-based ones also meant that people were restricted to playing during the opening hours. Depending on other commitments, that could be difficult for many, but the poker, blackjack, roulette and slots at online casinos are available at any time.

Despite all that though, many found that there was always something a bit remote and lonely about iGaming online. Ultimately the player was up against purely digital systems rather than real-life opponents or dealers.

Live casino addresses that specific issue. It uses live video streaming to connect players online to flesh and blood opponents and in-person dealers.

Why it is Worth Trying

The combination of convenience and human contact has made it very popular indeed. These days all of the big online casino providers feature a range of live casino gaming options.

For those who have never tried it before, there are several compelling reasons to start now.

Social factor

The lack of any social aspect had always been identified as a deficiency of standard online casino gaming. Even people who liked playing these games online were conscious of it.

Live casino solves the problem by letting people play opposite real opponents that they can talk to during the game or with a real-life dealer via video link. That takes away the isolation of gaming online.

Casual atmosphere

Although playing live casino replicates the human contact aspect of bricks and mortar casinos it does not replicate their dress code requirements. Players can still log on wearing jeans and a t-shirt and the dealer or opponents will not object.

By contrast, many real-world casinos would refuse to let people in dressed like that.

More challenging

With card games such as blackjack or poker, strategy and psychology are integral to the game-play. Gaming against online algorithms robs players of that buzz though, whereas live casino with real dealers and rivals brings it back.

Once again, talented poker players can pit their wits against opponents that they can see and hear.

Greater level of trust

Reputable online casinos install software that is designed to ensure that all of their games are completely fair. Despite that though, people still generally trust the fairness of games against living breathing humans that bit more.

The ability to see the rolls of the dice or dealing of the cards is thus another key reason why players love live casino so much.

Enticing bonuses

Because they are part of the overall online casino offer, live casino games still allow players to take advantage of the attractive bonuses provided by the site. Again that means players get the best of both the bricks and mortar and online gaming experience by playing them.

Is Live Casino Better Than Normal Casino Gaming?

The question of whether live casino is better than normal online casino gaming depends on what each particular player wants from their experience. Someone who enjoys playing slot games more than any other kind of casino game will not find much in live casino to appeal to them.

On the other hand, those who prefer complex card games such as poker are likely to find that iGaming against other players instead of an algorithm makes for a sharper, more engaging experience. Poker is a game where strategies can shift at any time, based on what happens during play, but opportunities to re-think and re-strategise are very limited by standard online casino poker.

Of course that can be solved by playing at a bricks and mortar one, but people outside of big cities often do not have a casino close by. Traveling long distances at night in bad weather to get to a land-based casino is not a fun thing to do for most people.

In that sense live casino has real advantages compared with both online and land-based casinos for anyone who likes table games. It lets people gamble when they wish and minus dress code strictures but also incorporates the human element that is missing from standard online casino.

There are lots of reasons why trying out a live casino is a good idea if you are a fan of internet iGaming. It is not better than playing at a land-based one or opting for online algorithm play in all circumstances, but it does offer some improvements.

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