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Even today, we are recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused us to stay at home, far away from our dear ones, especially the delayed weddings because of this uninvited guest. But almost after a year, people started organising small wedding events with fewer guests invited. After that, in 2022, when almost the virus has been controlled, people are managing their weddings the same as before.

And the most fantasising thing in weddings is wedding photography, and yeah, photography needs to be of updated trends. Trends have shifted from formal to posed one and definitely will change more after a few years. Almost 30% of couples agreed to pose one, and 55% agreed to the candid or natural photo shoots.

Here we have summed up the wedding photography trends:

Photograph your proposal

You will always remember the time your soul mate proposed to you and took all your heart. For many years, people have been hiring photographers to capture your proposal moment. Some couples are shooting their precious pictures in candid poses, which they add to their wedding album. Some people like each moment to be captured and the proposal moment, which is the most fantasising time of your life.

Organising a photography trend at your proposal is the most romantic and brilliant idea when the coverage is by Shootime Alsaboory. These special moments leave the most amazing memories and a moment of joy when you watch with your loved ones. It will be a great idea to organise such type of events which are relived you whenever you look back at your photographs.

Drone aerial photos

Drones are getting more into weddings from the last few years, which capture your whole events from every angle, especially the overhead photography shoots of not only the couple but the other guests too. The drone offers you the most candid pictures of your wedding. Joy, excitement, and spiritual connection of couple can be easily recorded by using drones. That’s why Shootime Alsaboory provides a drone facility that provides the high-definition result of the special moments.  Moreover, drones have multiple functions and fewer obstacles than normal cameras, which are easy to shoot during events.

Bridal portrait

You have waited to dress like a bride for many years. Every time you fantasise about looking like the most beautiful bride and your photoshoot is your whole dream. But when the actual time comes up, you are confused about what your bridal shoot looks like. Capturing the precious moments of your wedding is a whole different task that is being fulfilled by us very ethically. So Shootime Alsaboory provides you with the amazing photography of your bridal look with the facility of videography.

Walk down memory lane

One of the other trends photographers are promoting is to play all the memorial pictures of couples when they were children. This makes a perfect moment to shoot the most important pictures of your life with your friends and family by combining both the past and present. Shootime Alsaboory is the one who is promoting this kind of photograph to the couples to enjoy their precious moments all along.

Smoke Bombs

Some of the advanced wedding photography trends are to add smoke bombs while capturing the most romantic moments of life. Shootime Alsaboory provides the couple with smoke bombs to capture the most candid and amazing pictures of the couple in some unique ways.

Go candid

People don’t like the mechanical photos of being forced to smile and look like statues in their wedding photography. They want something new, like photographing every moment of laugh, emotion, dance, and enjoyment. They ask their engagement photographer to capture random pictures with their loved ones to make the time more memorable. Shootime Alsaboory focuses on capturing real-time informal photographs which show how everyone is enjoying the event.

Wedding photography

These are the trends added to the wedding photograph companies to fantasise the emotional and romantic moments together. It’s still changing, and new trends are adding to the wedding photographs as well. How do you think wedding photography can change in the next few years?

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