Travelling as a Mum

Travelling as a mum | Beanstalk Single Mums

Everyone needs to get away now and again. Constantly focusing on the responsibilities of a job, striving to advance in a career and juggling the stresses of work and family life can leave anyone drained. Indeed, sometimes parents need a little time to get away, enjoy some solitude in a new and interesting place and take time to focus on themselves. The sense of rejuvenation that can come with a holiday away can leave a parent better able to focus on the requirements of their family when they return.

As a mum, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly how to approach a holiday without the kids. Excellent websites such as exist to talk parents through the logistics of wire transfers and currency exchange if you should need to send money home to your family (and vice versa), which can help ease you into the travel process.

However, even with so many online resources, it can still be hard to remember how to let one’s hair down without the kids. The tendency can be to worry about them and consequently not let yourself become fully immersed in the pleasure of the trip. That’s why it’s pivotal for a person to take their mind off of the responsibilities of home and allow themselves to enjoy a holiday to fullest possible extent.

Look below for some tips on how to best enjoy a travel experience as a mum.


It’s easy to fret when you’re away from your children. Too often it’s possible to forget to stay in the moment and focus too much on home concerns instead of fully enjoying the experience of the holiday. It’s useful to allocate some time every day in which to communicate with family, whether by call or text, in order to stay up to date with all the goings on at home. In this way, it is possible to fully enjoy all of the day’s activities, safe in the knowledge that there will be time to chat with those at home later on.


Being away for a short trip is an excellent time to experience something a bit different. With parenthood comes so many responsibilities that it’s hard to find time to try new things, so going away is an opportunity to tick off some of those things you have always wanted to do. Whether it’s an adrenaline filled activity like hang-gliding, a serious challenge like learning to scuba-diving or something intellectually stimulating like an art class, this is a chance to do something truly enriching. It’s an opportunity to find new passions or even reignite old ones.


Whilst going abroad is an opportunity to try new things, people should not be afraid to take time to relax. Bringing up kids is an incredible experience but can be incredibly draining. Sometimes it is nice just to lie by the pool or have a day at the spa! Having the chance to lie back and relax is something that everyone needs. Getting the necessary rest and recuperation allows parents to be more attentive to the needs of family once they return home.

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