Use these tips to prepare your child for a childcare centre

Prepare childcare centre

Child care centres are indispensable for a child’s development. In these islands of education, they grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. For working parents, these are extremely helpful since they take care of your child better than any nanny can.

The curriculum at these child care centres, overseen by qualified educators, prepares children for school life by teaching them to read, write, and develop social skills. Besides studies, various games and fun-filled activities contribute to their physical development.

However, you must prepare the child mentally before putting them at one of these child care centres.

When they are ready for the experience, it will make the job easier for you and help them cope with the process mentally. Once the child gets used to the routine within the first few days, they will enjoy their time there.

Here are some tips you will find helpful.

Carry a familiar item with you

It is helpful to bring an item the child is attached to and reminds them of home. It could be their favourite toy, a blanket, a t-shirt, or anything with a homely feel. Having a familiar thing by their side will help in relieving anxiety.

However, some childcare might not allow you to bring an extra item, so that is something you should ask beforehand.

Talk to them in advance

Talking in advance helps a lot. Even if your little one hasn’t learnt to speak, they will pick up your body language and emotions. You could give them a rough idea of the daycare routine.

For instance, you could explain to your child the games, activities, and other things they might expect there. It would help to give them a book dealing with this topic. Most importantly, tell them you will be there to bring them home every day.

Try to drop them off with a kiss or a hug

The purpose of the kiss or the hug is to create a goodbye ritual that puts their mind at ease before you drop them off. The child will associate the goodbye ritual as part of the daily routine, giving them a sense of predictability.

The drop-off routine also benefits you, making things easier for you. Once you have hugged, kissed, high-fived, or, in other words, completed the ritual, avoid hanging out at the daycare, as it might send confusing signals to your child.

Start slow and gradual

The child needs time to adapt to an entirely new routine in the presence of unfamiliar faces. One way of doing this is leaving them at the centre for a few hours, then progressing to half-days, and finally to full-time.

You could even choose to visit the daycare together to make them comfortable before the drop-off. Try to spend some time with your kid at the centre, if the staff allows it.

It would also be helpful to introduce them to the educators and staff they regularly spend time with. The centre might advise you to share your child’s likes, dislikes, and home experiences to help them create a welcoming environment.

You could use these tips while dropping your young one-off at child care centres for the first time. It will help you and your child get used to the process and ensure they enjoy the experience in every way possible.

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