How to teach a young child to pick up toys: Three proven ways

All children are sometimes capricious, even the most obedient kid in the world at least once but once defied his parents. A teenager’s problem is often the so-called “donkey syndrome” when the child is stubborn on principle. With the kids, however, things are different. Let’s see why children do not listen and what ways to help them get through? And, of course, how to get them to clean toys?

After all, agree when you’re a single mom or dad, helping in cleaning at least his room, in the face of your child is great. Not only does it form his personality and instills a love of order, but a great help to you, because there is a little more free time, when you can relax a little – read a book or play at, or do planning budget family. Either way, teaching your child to be orderly is very helpful.

Method #1: “You’re an Adult!”

Let’s start, perhaps, with our favourite way to convince any child in any situation. This method has worked and has repeatedly bailed out many parents when dealing with even the most naughty children. If a child does not want to listen to your arguments, do this. Sit down, make a stern expression on your face, and ask sternly: “Jack, are you an adult? In response, you will hear a resounding “I am!” It’s very important for kids to feel like adults. Well, after a positive answer from your child (there will be no negative one), continue the dialogue with short phrases, so that the child understands you better:

– Am I a grown-up?

– Yes.

– I put my stuff away. All adults put their stuff away. Do you want to be a grown-up?

– Yes.

– Please put away/pick up your toys.

This simple method of peer-to-peer communication will help you get the little ones used to not only cleaning up but also doing exercise and all the things they don’t want to do!

Method #2: What Is “Good” and What Is “Bad”?

Children don’t have an adult vision of what is right and what is wrong. To a baby, everything that makes him… feels good is good, and everything that makes him feel bad is bad. Here and now, not later. For example, bitter cough medicine = bad. This simple logic was peculiar to us and you. But now we have grown up, succumbed to our upbringing, and begun to think in adult categories. We learned to think ahead, choosing the lesser of two evils for the future good. An adult will drink the nasty syrup, it will be bad for a second, and then it will be good. But this knowledge developed in us gradually, so we also need to teach children to predict the situation in the future, aware of its consequences. Don’t just give orders, because the child is not a silent slave, and you are not planters. It is important to explain exactly why you have to take away the toys.

For example, like this:

– Jack, please put the car away.

– Nope.

– I will accidentally stand on it and break it. And then what will happen?

– What?

– Then you won’t have two cars, you’ll have one car. Do you want one car?

– No…

– Then put the car away, please.

Method #3: Play On Children’s Fears

In addition to the inability to predict the consequences, why else do children not listen to us? Yes, it’s simple: kids have not yet developed an understanding of the duty to others, responsibilities, responsibility for their actions, or inaction. But in babies, nature laid boundless love for parents. This situation may change with time because of the wrong upbringing, but at an early age, a child is panically afraid of being without a mother and a father. We sincerely ask you not to tell your children that you will give them up if they don’t obey. They will grow up and realise that you were lying. That is how the first grudges will arise: both for the intimidation and the lies. It is better to use a mild form of fear to explain to the child the consequences of his or her bad behaviour.

So, Jack hasn’t put his toys away again. We do our classic “stern face:

Peter, please put the airplane away.

– Uh-uh.

– Peter, I’m going to stand on it and fall. It will hurt me. Do you want me to get hurt?

– Uh-uh.

– And then they’re gonna take me to the doctor. And he’ll give me an injection. A shot, Peter! Are you afraid of shots?

– Yes, I am.

– So am I. I’m very afraid, Peter. With a needle, can you imagine? A big needle like this.

Preferably spread your arms as wide as possible, demonstrating the gigantic size of the needle. No way the baby will push you into the clutches of the evil doctor. He will immediately put away his toys to protect his beloved parent from the terrible torture.

Remember that there are many ways to educate children without a scandal, shouting, or inappropriate penalties. For example, you can nurture your child’s best traits by reading him books about naughty kids, so that he learns to be good by their example. 

Because all children are different, there is no one-size-fits-all way to instill a love of order. Try our methods, modify them, taking into account the character of a unique baby. And may your children grow up healthy, happy, kind, and smart!

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