rediscover your sexuality after a breakup

How to rediscover your sexuality after a breakup

Everything changes after a breakup: plans for the future, your daily schedule, and even your sleeping position. A serious breakup can even distort your sense of self and lead to losing the desire to date anyone new. But you should...
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Libido after divorce

How to get your libido back after divorce

There is nothing like a divorce to stamp out the desire for anything sexual in your life! And yet, feeling good about yourself and allowing yourself pleasure is exactly what you need right now. We’re not saying go out and...
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Sex toys single women

10 Best adult toys for single women

This article about adult toys for single women was last updated in 2022. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t have sexy fun. In some respects, it can be even better than with a partner. Not only that, it’s...
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