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single mother support

Rockwell Bates are one of the most highly regarded and trusted family law firms in Melbourne with a wealth of experience in both simple and complex property and parenting cases across a full spectrum of issues.

In relation to children our work includes acting in relocation disputes, family violence matters, contravention applications, parenting alienation, cases involving substance abuse and mental health issues, and child support matters.

On the financial side this includes dealing with both small and large asset pools, family trusts and corporate entities, business and real estate valuations, superannuation splits, international property, spousal maintenance and Binding Financial Agreements

We recognise that resolving a family law matter is usually a human problem as much as a technical and legal problem. We place a huge emphasis ensuring that the separation process is dignified and, where possible, resolved outside court. We believe that collaborating, negotiating and mediation should always be encouraged before considering litigation.

In recognition of the emotional toll that family law disputes can cause on participants we have introduced a ground-breaking new offering for family law clients the Rockwell Bates Mental Health & Wellbeing Coach – designed to help our family law clients through the most difficult emotional time and ensure they are nurturing themselves and their children as they navigate the pathway forward.

We also provide access to a unique Rockwell Bates Family Law Funding

solution to ensure those with large asset pools but limited cash availability can still get the best legal representation.