Divorce Answered

Rachael Scharrer’s divorce was ‘colourful’ and navigating the divorce process was costly and complicated. Rachael noticed that there was a huge gap between the information that the lawyers knew and what was readily available. Using the lessons from her divorce, the experiences and hardships she went through and founded DivorceAnswered.com.au to help other individuals go through their divorce with greater ease and cost efficiency than she did.

Divorce Answered is an online resource which offers you a range of free and affordable products such as e-books, Separation Checklist, customised forms (such as Parenting Plan, Binding Child Support Agreement and Separation Statement) and articles with practical tips. These unique items can save you time, money and emotional energy when working alongside your lawyer. Divorce Answered will help you navigate separation and divorce by empowering you with the knowledge and range of options available, whilst being time and cost efficient.

DivorceAnswered.com.au is revitalising divorce by embracing technology to empower separating individuals, creating a tool that lawyers can rely upon for their clients and allow individuals to be a proactive participant in their divorce.

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