Convergence: Effective Separation Solutions

Welcome to a new way of mediation, a process that is aimed to get you on your path to your new life faster.  This is not the same as the Mediation Process you may have heard of or even tried.  This is a fresh, new system with a whole team of experts to help you settle your matter faster.  Life is too short to spend years and years in conflict.

At Convergence we have developed a new way, where a team of professionals will work with you and your ex-partner to help you down the right path for decision making with crucial information for your circumstances and your family.

In your team you will have access to;

  • A Communication expert to support you both through the process
  • A Child Expert who has experience in writing family reports and understands what is important for your children of all ages and what the Courts will often Order.
  • A Financial Expert to talk to you about your financial options and the future
  • A Child Support Expert, someone who can talk you through this complicated field
  • And medical experts as required.

At convergence we work with you in the hope that you can achieve a plan together without the costs and lengthy timeframe of our stressful legal system.

If you “CONVERGE” for a short period of time you CAN get on your new life path faster, happier and healthier.

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