Got a spare room and need some help? Here’s an idea for you.

Got a spare room and needs some help? | Beanstalk Mums Podcast

Do you have a spare room in your home which is, well … doing very little?

And, would you love some help around the home, with the kids or with a particular project?

Well, we have an idea for you …

In this podcast I chat to Ludwina Dautovic, Founder of The Room Xchange, which is an online platform that connects busy households with a spare bedroom with guests who provide an agreed amount of help in Xchange for food and accommodation.

Find out how it all works, how you can become a host and everything else you need to know in this podcast.


Got a spare room and need some help? Here’s an idea for you.

Ludwina and I discuss:

  • The process to become a host with The Room Xchange
  • How to know if you’d make a good host
  • How to prepare your home for a guest
  • The kind of chores your host could do
  • How to ensure your exchange works and where to get support if needed
  • Costs involved (it’s free for us – listen out for the code!)
  • Real stories of how The Room Xchange has worked for mums

Listen here …

The Room Xchange | Beanstalk Single Mums podcast

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