Expert advice to find your single mum style

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I am sure I was stylish … once.

Yes, I remember it now. It was before I became a single mother and life became even busier than ever before!

Do you, like me, feel that you have lost touch of what your personal style is? Or do you know what you want your style to be but don’t have the time to rock it?

Then stay tuned.

I chat to Danielle Johansen from Threadicated, an online and shipped to your door personal fashion styling service. This is a lady who has spent years in the fashion industry understanding trends, body types and style. She works with mums on a weekly basis helping them create looks that are functional, flattering and fabulous!

Remember, style is not just about the latest trends for the rich and famous. It’s about expression, self-care and feeling good about yourself when you strut out your front door every day.

Expert tips to find your single mum style

Listen to Danielle and I talk about:

    • Why it’s so damn important to find your style (do not put it at the end of your “to do” list)
    • Some really simple starter tips that you can do right now … without even leaving the house
    • How to make clothes shopping (at the actual shops) enjoyable and successful
    • The services of an online personal fashion stylist and how it all works
    • How to get (and stay) stylish without shelling out too much cash


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