Why single mum house sharing could be perfect for you

Share housing for single mums

With so many single mothers struggling with the cost of living, one of the most obvious solutions is sharing a home (and the costs involved) with another single parent family.

There are so many advantages, but many women don’t know where to start to find the perfect family to share with.

That’s where the wonderful Wilhemina Ford comes in. Willo is the Founder of ShareAbode, which is an Australian first and a not for profit that connects single parents wanting to share the load of rental and living expenses. She makes matching easy and works daily to create harmonious home-sharing situations that will not only save you money, but will save you time, alleviate loneliness and create a live-in support system.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • All the ways you can save money by sharing a home (there are many)
  • How to manage the financial aspects of home-sharing
  • The many other benefits, besides financial, of sharing a home
  • The important factors that make a home-share match work
  • How you can start the process today to find yourself the perfect home-share family

Listen here …

Why single mum house sharing could be perfect for you | Beanstalk Mums Podcast

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