Nursing sports bras: Choosing the right one for you

Nursing sports bras


Are you a breastfeeding mum itching to get back into sports and workouts? If so, you're going to want some nursing sports bras.

As a fellow mum and fitness enthusiast, I know how important it is to find the right gear to support both an active lifestyle and breastfeeding journey. That's why I've put together this handy guide to help you choose the perfect nursing sports bra for your needs.

The focus here is on maximum comfort, easy access for nursing, and the right amount of support during high-intensity workouts. Of course, we want to look good in it, so I've also considered aesthetics.

Keep reading to get the lowdown on nursing sports bras, alongside my personal recommendations to complete your fitness wardrobe.

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Nursing sports bras must fit perfectly

Well-fitting bras are a must for every mum, nursing or not. It should be comfortable to move in, improve your posture, and make you look good.

The same goes for sports bras. A well-fitting sports bra minimises bounce - and you and I both know how painful that can be. If you're anything like me, pregnancy and nursing took it's toll on your posture, so a well-fitting sports bra is an absolute necessity to protect your back.

With that said, your sports bra should feel somewhat tighter than your ordinary bra, without restricting movement and breathing. Keep in mind that your cup size fluctuates throughout the day from breastfeeding and pumping. So, choose a sports bra that offers some stretch. You would want a material that allows your breasts to grow or shrink comfortably without being too loose or tight.

Nursing sports bras must fit perfectly

My favourite pick from: MyProtein

Check out the nursing-friendly features

The nursing-friendly features are the main thing that separates nursing sports bras from ordinary sports bras.

Nursing sports bras come with removable cups, clasps, or zippers, making it easier to take your breast out when your baby is hungry. Some designs come with layered fabrics that you can pull to the side - my personal favourite. Check that the bra can be quickly unclasped or unzipped with one hand if you're holding your little one.

You can also find nursing sports bras that absorb moisture and inhibit odours. These features are advantageous if you're conscious about touching your baby during or after workouts.

Nursing friendly features

My favourite pick from: Asos

Get the right support for your fitness regime

Like everyday sports bras, you must pick a nursing sports bra that provides you adequate support for your activity or sports.

As a general rule, the level of support your nursing sports bra provides must correspond to the level of intensity of the activity. Running, jumping rope, and high-impact intensity training (HIIT) require a high-impact nursing sports bra. Medium-impact activities like hiking, brisk walking, and road cycling require a medium-impact sports bra. On the other hand, yoga, Pilates, and stretching typically need a lower-impact bra.

According to experts, using the wrong kind of sports bra for your activity is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to different issues: torn ligaments, stretch marks, and breast pain.

Get the support for your fitness regime

My favourite pick from: MuscleNation

Ensure your nursing sports bras are comfy

When choosing a nursing sports bra, many factors influence comfort.

Aside from ensuring that the size, fit, and support are correct, checking that the fabric is breathable, soft, and stretchy is equally necessary. Nursing mums tend to sweat more - a byproduct of low estrogen - so choose sports bras made of breathable materials like nylon, polyester, or Lycra. Soft materials ensure that your sports bra will not chafe your nipples. From a nursing mum to another: ouch!

As mentioned earlier, your breast size fluctuates throughout the day and week-to-week when you breastfeed or pump, so you need a nursing sports bra to adjust to your changing sizes. It would be best to have a sports bra that will make room for your movements.

Moreover, it's important to note that although wired sports bras give better support and look, non-wire ones are more comfortable.

Comfortable nursing sports bras

My favourite pick from: Asos

Choose a design and style you like

Did you know that 69% of people say that wearing workout clothes they love motivates them to exercise?

Thankfully, mums don't have to stick to boring and ugly maternity wear. Nowadays, there are heaps of designs and styles to make you look and feel good during pregnancy and postpartum.

You will find nursing sports bras in an array of colours and patterns. They come in animal or nature prints, neutrals, pastels, loud colours, and more.

When it comes to style, you can also find nursing sports bras in racer back, crisscross, pullover, front zipped, or back clasp.

You can also buy sportswear in sets or separately, so you have options if you want to wear coordinates or mix and match.

Design style of sports bra

My favourite pick from: Lorna Jane

Make sure it's durable and easy to wash

Whether or not you plan to work out every day or occasionally, you will be better off with a nursing sports bra with proven durability.

You would want a sports bra that will not tear apart mid-workouts or in the wash. This is annoying, a waste of money, and may even turn you off from exercising.

So, carefully read product descriptions and online reviews and look for durability before buying a nursing sports bra.

Additionally, check the material and style to make sure it's easy to wash. Look for something you can wash both in the washing machine and by hand. Check if there are paddings that must be removed and see if they can be removed and returned easily. Also, see if there are special care requirements. For example, if the colour bleeds, you may need to wash it separately.

Durable nursing sports bras

My favourite pick from: Rockwear

Stay within your budget

Finally, ensure you're not over your budget for a nursing sports bra. After all, you're not nursing forever, so you don't want to spend so much on apparel you will not wear for long.

Although more expensive clothes are generally of better quality, some brands already offer good-quality nursing sports bras without breaking the bank.

Check different stores and online reviews before checking out to ensure you're getting the most value for your money.

You can also search for nursing sports bras in secondhand stores. You may even have mum-friends who will sell their pre-owned workout clothes - in good condition, of course - for a few dollars.

Nursing sports bras within your budget

My favourite pick from: Bae the Label

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