How to save electricity and make your bills smaller this summer?

Save electricity

It’s crazy how our climate changes each year: it definitely becomes hotter and we don’t even realise it until we are stuck in our homes trying to breathe and make our homes and our loved ones cool. Climate control can eat up a lot of electricity (and some of us are using several at once, or use additional ventilating devices) and it becomes a whole new expense item that we have to deal with. Whilst all of us want to take our children out for a vacation, we have to learn how to save electricity in order to make the bills smaller (and also help our nature, actually). In this article we will review 5 main tips that you can use to make it happen.

  • Switch your home lightning to LED. It is kind of obvious, but lots of people forget about the fact that standard lamps eat up lots of energy and make the bill grow without us even noticing. To get away from this situation, it would be smart to switch all of your lamps to LED ones, and it would be even better  if you would use “smart” lamps that you can program to turn on and turn off at a certain point in time. Plus, you can set them in the energy saving regimen in rooms where you don’t need much light – for example, in bedrooms and dressing rooms.
  • Use solar power. Especially, if you live in a sunny region – buying a solar panel might be pricey, but it is going to give a great payoff in 5 to 10 years of exploitation. You pay once, and then you use “green” and free energy whenever you want and need, needless to say that this purchase is definitely worth the money.
  • Set your climate control to 25°C. Yes, this is enough for your home to feel cool and comfortable at the same time; everything that goes below this temperature is way more expensive in terms of the energy usage volume. In Japan people set their climate controls to 28°C in the summer (yet their climate has become extra hot through the last few years) and feel great, if they can do it, you can do it.
  • Set the temperature of your refrigerator to 5°C in a refrigerator and to -10°C in a freezer. This is what some brands call an “eco” regimen and it helps with saving electricity and keeping your food fresh at the same time. You might not believe it, but it is quite enough to keep your food in a good condition – and it is going to lower your electricity bills as well. Some fridges have this regimen preset as we have said, and the temperatures may vary a little bit: it should not distract you, any preset regimen will do well.
  • If you need to buy some new technical devices for home, choose the eco-friendly ones. These have electricity saving regimens preset in them and usually offer some other functions that help with using electric power less while working. It applies especially to climate controls, washing machines and fridges.

Plus, you should not forget about such simple rules as wearing clothes made of light and natural fabrics, regular and frequent drinking, airing the premises at night and rescheduling all plans for the evening – so that in the heat you do not have to leave the house and aggravate your situation. Children can be offered water sports classes during the summer holidays, and, of course, plan a trip to the sea or ocean. There is probably nothing better than this way to feel comfortable in the summer.

All these tips are simple, and you probably could have met them at least once on the pages of experts on Instagram (even those who used the chance to buy Instagram followers). Nevertheless, using them you can really save enough money to spend it on more pleasant needs – for example, to buy real Instagram followers yourself and promote your blog! We’re joking! I wish you the best of luck with making your household less expensive and way cooler this summer; hope all of you are feeling well.

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