12 Ways to save and earn money from home

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Every mum knows that caring for a child or children is a full-time job. It’s simultaneously exhausting and rewarding, frustrating and joyful.

But unfortunately, this job simply doesn’t pay the bills.

The financial implications of being a single parent are immense. As daily expenses compound, life can become incredibly stressful. Ultimately, this detracts from what should be a happy time with your family.

Finding a way to save and earn money from home is the ultimate dream.

Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

We agree.

That’s why we’ve shared our top 12 ways single mums can make money from home. You can use these work-from-home jobs to pad out your piggy bank, or as a full-time way to generate income.

1. Become a Virtual Assistant

This online profession is rapidly increasing in popularity. The demand is growing at an exponential rate now that many jobs are gravitating towards online workspaces. All you need to work as a VA is a steady internet connection, a decent laptop and basic computer literacy skills. Tasks may range from email communications and scheduling to social media management and general admin. 

No one knows how to multitask better than a single mother! Capitalise on this and utilise these skills to make a living from home.

Savings Tip: Set aside any money you’d have budgeted for commuting to work. As a VA you can work from anywhere.

2. Freelance Proofreading

If you have a natural gift for grammar, then this is the perfect job for you.

The wonderful nature of this work is that you have total control over your working hours and the volume of work you are willing to take on. This allows your professional, family, and personal life to exist in harmony.

Savings Tip: Save on childcare by being able to work from home and look after your kids at the same time.

3. Teach English

The demand for online English teachers is truly endless. Most institutions will accept any candidate with a bachelor’s degree and a basic TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) style course to their name. That said, a degree is not always a requirement.

An added bonus of this profession is that these skills will equip you to better assist your children in their learning journey.

Savings Tip: With tutoring experience, you can save on extra lessons. You’ll have the experience needed to guide your children through their schoolwork.

4. Start Affiliate Marketing

Mum’s with a flair for marketing can do well as affiliates, especially if you work with brands you believe in. Affiliate marketing sees you promote other brands to earn commission. You can do this on social media, a blog, or any other online platform.

The best part of affiliate marketing is that you can sign up as an affiliate with many brands. This increases your revenue streams and gives you a better chance of making more money. Even if your affiliate commissions are relatively low, small amounts add up fast.

Savings Tip: All you need to become an affiliate marketer is your smartphone. You’ll save plenty of money as you won’t need expensive equipment.

5. Open an Online Thrift Store

Gone are the days when hand-me-downs were frowned upon. Second-hand or ‘vintage’ clothing is hugely popular today. These items are more sustainable, generally cheaper and most importantly, unique.

Kill two birds with one stone by clearing out your family’s closets and market them in an appealing way on a social media platform or website.

Savings Tip: Clothe your kids in thrifted clothing when they’re young. You can save a fortune on buying second-hand goods rather than new ones.

6. Review Apps and Software

This role suits a mum that feels passionate about enhancing a user’s experience of a new website or program and that has a knack for problem-solving. You’ll assess an app, program or software and provide feedback in the format of a questionnaire, video or general report.

Savings Tip: Use your tech knowledge to find a budgeting or savings app that helps you keep track of your finances. Having a proper budget will ensure you save wherever possible. 

7. Dropshipping

This is amongst the most popular professions in the online sphere.

Dropshipping entails selling a product to a customer, but the supplier manages the sourcing, packaging, and shipping. Essentially, you’re passing on the order and keeping a substantial percentage of the product value. This eliminates a substantial volume of admin, making you more money for less work.

Savings Tip: Get great deals on products that you sell. You’ll be first in line to hear about any promotional deals or special offers, and can take advantage of them.

8. Content Writing

If you’re proficient in English and have a few sample writing pieces, it’s relatively easy to find a job as a freelance content writer. With just a little bit of research, you can write about a wide range of topics. This allows you to learn about new industries and broaden your job search.

Savings Tip: Save a portion of the money from every job you complete. Set this money aside and add to it every time you get paid.

9. Run a Home Day Care

Although this may seem like a daunting prospect for many, it’s actually an incredibly efficient means of earning a living while your children are still young. This option is ideal for those who have previously worked with children. It allows for a continuation of your profession from home where you can simultaneously care for others’ as well as your own kids.

Converting a spare room or lounge into a day care centre takes a bit of work, but it’s certainly an attainable goal. It’s a fantastic way to develop your own child’s social skills.

Savings Tip: Set aside the money you’d have spent on your child’s day care for a rainy day.

10. Do Paid Surveys Online

The majority of the time, sites that pay you to do online surveys don’t require that you have any prior experience or education. Surveys vary from relatively simple to somewhat confusing, so it’s important to be discerning about which ones you take part in.

Most paid online surveys are relatively quick to complete. This makes them ideal for busy mums with active kids needing plenty of attention.

Savings Tip: Look for surveys that send you free products. This can save you spending money on goods you’d need to buy otherwise.

11. Write Your Own Blog

Perfect for the stay-at-home creative or entrepreneur, starting a blog can be an incredibly rewarding endeavour. It allows you to develop your writing, design, photography, and social media management skills while exploring a topic that you feel passionate about.

It takes a fair amount of initial groundwork. Yet once you gain some momentum, you have the ability to be wonderfully successful in this field.

Savings Tip: Collaborate with brands that tie in with your blog and ask for free products in exchange for a mention. With the right sponsorships, you may save on buying everything from baby food to cleaning products.

12. Meal Prep for Others

If you’re an enthusiastic and talented chef, meal prepping for others will probably bring you an abundance of joy. The beauty of the job is that cooking is something that you have to do anyway, so you might as well make a bigger batch and profit from that!

Plus, if you sell to friends and other moms, you’ll make their days just a little less stressful too.

We all know the joys of a pre-prepped meal after a long and exhausting day—you can make this possible for your friends and family while earning a living.

Savings Tip: Once you start cooking in large quantities, you can buy in bulk. You’ll often find great discounts on bulk products, so you can save on your food bills too.

We know that making money and being a single mum isn’t always easy. Hopefully, these ideas help you find a way to make money—and save some too.

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