6 Steps to rejuvenate your skin

Rejuvenate skin

Everyone has different skin conditions. Others might have a natural and healthy glow, while some skin can look dull and pale. However, if you fall off the latter, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do about it. While applying makeup can help to make your face look glowing and vibrant, there’s no better solution than taking care of your skin within and allowing yourself to achieve a natural glow. Who knows, you might not need any makeup at all.  

If you have dull skin, you shouldn’t neglect it but rather do everything to make it healthier and plumper. Before you go with intense procedures, such as skin needling, you should see first if non-procedural means would be the best option for your skin. While it might take a little extra work, you’ll surely be happy with the results your skin will give you. 

On that note, listed below are some steps to help rejuvenate your skin without needing to undergo specialised treatments: 

Regularly Wash Your Face 

At the end of the day, you should always wash your face even if you haven’t applied any makeup. For your dull skin though, it’ll be great if you could wash your face at least twice a day, before leaving and before hitting the hay. This will help to thoroughly clean your face and keep any bacteria away from it.  

If you had makeup on during the day, you should use cleansing oil to wash your face and effectively remove your makeup and follow it with your regular face wash. This will help clear your makeup thoroughly while still being gentle on your skin.  

Use Skin Products That Come With Gentle Ingredients 

For your skin care products, it’s important that you use gentle ingredients to prevent any skin reactions which could worsen your skin condition. For your dull skin, you should look for ingredients that are both gentle and hydrating at the same time. This will help give you enough plumpness and hydration that can make your skin glowing and healthy.  

You can look for skin care ingredients with coconut oil, shea butter, or almond oil as they help to retain moisture on the skin while effectively doing their purpose. Moreover, you should avoid oil-striping ingredients for oily or combination skin types. 

Exfoliate Regularly 

Dull skin might occur due to plenty of dead skin cells build up that you missed removing on the top layer of your skin. In turn, this can make your skin dry, dull, and flaky, which clogs your pores and leads to more skin problems. To prevent this from happening and allow your face to glow and be radiant, you should practice skin exfoliation regularly. 

Exfoliating your skin allows you to remove dead skin cells and allows your moisturiser to penetrate deeper and effectively hydrate your skin. However, depending on your exfoliator, you should only do these two to three times a week to avoid stripping your healthy skin.  

Add A Serum To Your Skincare Routine 

To help rejuvenate your skin, you may need extra help to make it happen. A simple toner and moisturiser might not be enough to help you achieve a youthful glow. With that, a serum should help you achieve your skin goals better and faster.  

A serum contains concentrated ingredients that target your skin concerns effectively. To rejuvenate your skin, you should look for collagen and retinoid ingredients as they can effectively help dull skin look youthful and glowing. Plus, they have anti-aging properties, which can help delay developing fine lines.  

Use Face Masks 

To achieve rejuvenated skin, you need to ensure that you keep your skin healthy, plump, and hydrated as much as possible. To achieve maximum hydration, you should use a face mask to help make your skin glow and be healthy.  

Ideally, you should look for face masks that contain antioxidants, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and other hydrating and brightening ingredients for they can help to rejuvenate your skin effectively. This will also be a great skin retreat, allowing you to feel better after every face mask application.  

Apply Moisturiser 

Of course, rejuvenated skin would never be possible without maximum hydration. Dull skin is often the result of dry and flaky skin. But with the right hydration and moisturisation, you can allow your skin to be plump, glowing, and healthy. With that, you should always apply a good amount of moisturiser twice a day.  

While a moisturiser can help to hydrate your skin, you might want to look for one that has a brightening ingredient too. This way, you can hit two birds with one stone as you can help to make your skin glow and radiant, making it a great budget-friendly skincare product. After every skincare routine, top off with a good moisturiser to lock in the hydration and achieve rejuvenated skin.  


Dull skin isn’t a lovely sight to behold. But with the right care, you can rejuvenate your skin, making it healthier and more radiant. You can always begin by applying a face serum, switching to gentle ingredients, and exfoliating regularly. There are plenty of things that you should do to achieve that youthful glow. While it might require extra effort, allowing your skin to be healthy and plump would surely be worth it.   

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