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One of the most important things for any growing human to master are motor skills. Motor skills are applied throughout our lives on a day to day basis. Everything from running and walking, to playing sports, and even certain visual arts all involve the use of motor skills, and they are crucial for your kid to continue to grow and have a successful and fun childhood.

As a parent, you want to make sure your child gets the motor skills development that they need to grow into a healthy individual. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that your child can start learning these skills early on. Read this article to find out about a few ways that both you and your child can learn today!

1. Use Putty Slime

Putty slime is used in a variety of teaching methods to help children learn various sensory skills, and it’s every bit as helpful when learning motor skills. Using the putty slime, encourage your child to pinch, stretch, squeeze, roll, and even cut the putty with safe sheers as they play to build up awareness and start fine-tuning their skills.

2. Have a Rice Race

A popular and very interactive game, rice racing is a great game for motor skills development in children and allows you to participate along with them. To play, divide a handful of uncooked rice into two plastic bowls and have a third empty bowl on the side, and race to see who can place their rice in the empty bowl using tweezers. If the rice is too difficult for your child, try working with pony beads or O-shaped cereal instead.

3. Go Gardening Together

Gardening is a beautiful outdoor activity that helps build both fine and gross motor skills. Both you and your child can work on digging small holes, transferring seedlings, and planting seeds (this is a bonus if you use a pincher grasp), and you’ll create a wonderful work of nature out of your efforts.

4. Work on a Painting

Occupational Therapists at Fired Up People say:

“Painting may seem like it’s just a relaxing experience, but the motions can actually help children to build their hand-eye coordination and their manual dexterity. Have your child paint by using both a paintbrush and their own hands to build up multiple areas of their motor skills development.”

Using these tips to help your child with practising motor skills will help them gain better control and confidence over their body, and the best part is that you both got to work together to make it happen! 

5. Tie your shoes

Tying your shoes is an effective way to practice motor skills. Not only will your child learn a valuable life skill but also enhance their motor skills in the process. This is because when tying your shoes you use motor skills such as finger isolation, visual perception skills, bilateral hand coordination and hand-eye coordination. It can also be fun when using the Bunny Ear method. Create the two bunny ears, cross them over each other, the bunny goes through the hole and pull the loops tight! It’s easy but just takes a bit of practice and patience.

6. Clapping games

Clapping games can help your child develop foundational motor skills that are beneficial for years to come. This is because they involve motor planning, as your child will practise the movements over and over until they become automatic. This will help with visual tracking, socialisation, bilateral coordination and rhythm and beat, all while having heaps of fun. To start your child can make up their own game to build up their confidence and then add a song to make it more interactive! The best part is that you can make clapping suit every age and level, by simply slowing or quickening the movements. 

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Time to Sharpen Your Child’s Motor Skills

Now you know how to help your child shape up their motor skills and have fun doing it. With enough time and repeated efforts, your child will be able to control their motor skills and move around with confidence. Be sure to invest in their growth and learning, and the results will speak for themselves!

Brooke Perrin

Brooke Perrin

Since completing her Bachelor in Health Science and a Master in Speech Pathology, Brooke has spent a large amount of time working with clients in all stages of the life span. From both paediatric and adult caseloads, her aim is always to assist her clients to achieve their communication goals in ways that are fun and functional for them and their support network.

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