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Buying an investment property can certainly be difficult to do alone.

With all the financial stresses of being a single parent, those initial property expenses can be eye watering. Especially when it comes to securing that initial deposit, which for most people can be the biggest roadblock throughout the process.


What if somebody told you that there are ways to get on the property ladder without having to purchase your own property?

When I first heard of this concept, I was intrigued. I discovered that the secret is none other than through joining forces together with like-minded people that share the same goals.

Frankly speaking, I could literally pick up the phone, call a couple of girlfriends and pool our resources to purchase a house. We all have same aspirations at the end of the day, and we could enjoy our success together.


Well, not exactly.

I like the idea of sharing the financial burden of property investment with others, helping others grow their finances as you grow yours. But I wouldn’t even know where to start.

What about all the legal paperwork? I am a risk-averse person, so I would want to know there is necessary protection just in case something happened? Will I be stuck with my friend’s financial issues? What if somebody changes their mind?

That is when I met Nicola Mills, the driving force behind My Property Circles.


Five years ago, she was unable to buy an investment property on her own, Nicola gathered four friends and asked them to buy the property together. So, a reputable lawyer set up a legal structure to protect her friends and herself from any unnecessary problems that might occur. This system quickly became the foundation of how My Property Circles works, helping people climb the property ladder together safely. Seven years later, their group (Circle) has five performing properties!

I dived headfirst into My Property Circles (without a second thought, and am already planning to start a Circle of my own). My Property Circles is the go-to destination for investing together; where carefully curated legal documents and the incredible experts behind them, can assist with the purchasing of properties and help you thrive in a structure where investing together means following your dreams of owning property sooner.


There are different “Circles” of groups that would suit the variety of goals and needs of each person.

Some of the current My Property Circles groups (Circles) have decided to renovate properties together with the common goal of turning out a profit in the end and a couple of glasses of champagne. Other Circles have chosen to invest long term. While others were set up to help a family member own their own place.


The structure, I spoke about before, it makes it ok to invest together. My problem isn’t going to become your problem and we can enjoy being on this journey together.

As a woman, I love to see women supporting other women, taking control of their destinies and become financially empowered. As a group of working mums, we can relate. So the idea of creating a community for women with a common goal, or a sisterhood, is close to the heart of all of us at My Property Circles.

We challenge traditional investing and more importantly, My Property Circles makes property investing accessible to more people.


When Nicola’s best friend Holly lost her husband, Nicola wanted to help her start investing to create a safety net for her kids.

However, Nicola realised how hard it is for a single mum working part-time to do this and at the time Holly was only able to invest $5,000.

That is when Nicola came up with the idea of the Bricks for Chicks program. This program supports women no matter their life circumstances by matching their funds so they too can invest in a Property Circle. For Holly, this meant her $5,000 became $10,000 and she too was able to join a Property Circle.

The Bricks for Chicks program has not officially launched yet. However, keep an out if you want to receive support as an investor or help like-minded women make their property dream become a reality by being a funder!

So, when you think getting on to the property ladder seems impossible, I am here to say we can help you and if this sounds exciting to you and has sparked a flame inside. Get in touch with me and I will answer all your questions.

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single mother support

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Amelia Harris

Amelia Harris

Amelia Harris is a mum of three and the General Manager of My Property Circles. Amelia is passionate about helping people plan for a better future through investing in property. She also comes with extensive experience in real estate and business.

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