How you can promote disability-inclusive practices in the workplace

Disability is never inability. Surprisingly you can find that disabled members in a workplace are sometimes doing much better than any other person. This is one of the many reasons why businesses include people with disability when looking for staff in Australia. Recent years have seen a great increase in the focus of transformational success. This includes a culture that supports disabled people in business. If you have been wondering how to promote disability inclusion in your business, this article is for you. Here are ways you can do so.

Speak From the Top

One way to promote disability inclusion in the workplace is by sending strong messages from the top. Do you own the business? If so, then you have the power to ensure that your business place promotes this. Note, once the leaders in your business team are committed to a disability-inclusive culture, the culture is more likely to work successfully. Ensure that you send strong messages to your employees on how they must include the disabled, value them, and make them feel appreciated.

Never Make Assumptions

How often have you assumed what the disabled in your workplace can and cannot do? You will not be promoting a disability-inclusive culture by doing so. Play your part and let the disabled play theirs. You need to challenge your assumptions about what they can do. Remember, you should promote productivity in your workplace and not discourage people who may promote the same. Never judge a book by its cover.

Flexibility in Accommodation

Another way of promoting disability-inclusive practices in workplaces is by ensuring the accommodations there also favour people with disability. The truth is that the accommodation at the workplace matters most in promoting the success of the work being done. Ensure that your workplace accommodates all employees fairly. Good examples of accommodations that should be flexible include working hours, assistive devices, and even facilities. Also, ensure that you support fair accommodation policies.

Promote a Safe and Comfortable Environment

One of the best ways to promote a disability-inclusive culture is by ensuring that people with disability are provided with an environment they feel safe and comfortable. Proving that you love, care, and value the disabled in your workplace is one way to achieve this. Note, there may be employees with hidden disabilities. Ensure that your workplace provides a safe environment for them to feel safe to disclose this. The only way you can maximise productivity is by ensuring that your business team is safe and comfortable.

Make Job Opportunities Accessible to Persons with Disability

If your workplace is striving to promote a disability-inclusive culture, it is high time to go through its job application systems, company website, and sourcing processes. This is to ensure that it makes job opportunities accessible to persons with disability. You can also introduce training programs in your workplace. Let these programs aim to guide how persons with disability can access job opportunities. You never know what talent your business is missing.

Rebrand Your Company

It is now time to rebrand your company to promote persons with disability. Most of these people are usually afraid to apply for jobs where they feel they are not welcomed. It would be best if you rebranded your business to be disability-inclusive. This will encourage persons with disability to be motivated to apply for a job position in your company. The good thing about rebranding your company is that you will also be building your company’s name. However, this should not be your focus.

Implement Anti-discrimination

You need to ensure that your workplace has a discrimination-free environment. You can do this by ensuring that every member in your workplace implements anti-discrimination policies.  Also, you can form awareness programs that will inform your business team why it is important to treat persons with disabilities fairly. Being a role model to your business team will also ensure that they implement anti- discrimination. Of course, your business team looks up to their leaders.


Nobody is less of a person. This is why we should see everyone fairly and with humanity. We can promote this by ensuring that we are committed to a disability-inclusive culture. The best part about promoting this culture is that you will also be promoting production.

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