How to be a kickass single mum

Kickass single mum


7 October 2017

There is no doubt about it, wherever we live in the world, single mothers have an incredible ability to connect through our shared experiences.

And never was this more true than when I sat in my PJ’s (bra on) in Australia early on Saturday morning chatting to the vibrantly wonderful Emma Johnson from Wealthy Single Mommy in New York on her Friday evening, also in PJ’s (bra on).

Wealthy Single Mommy is the world’s largest platform for single mothers, so it was worth the chat about that alone. But the main reason was to discuss Emma’s new book, How To Be A Kickass Single Mom.

We had such a giggle and when I hung-up (can you hang-up from Skype?) I felt lighter, empowered and even a bit risqué. Can I just say: I am proud to be a single mum, and will damn-well make the very most of it.

Here’s what we chatted about:

  • What made Emma become such a powerful voice for single mums
  • Why Emma’s thinks we should say NO to child support (this is great)
  • Emma’s belief that all co-parenting arrangements should be 50/50
  • How to get out of the ‘single mum poverty mindset’
  • The reason why we SHOULDN’T hide the fact that we date from our kids
  • AND the fact that Emma will be giving away three copies of her book through Beanstalk, so stay posted

Listen here …

How to be a kickass single mum | Beanstalk Single Mums Podcast | Pinterest

How to be a kickass single mum | Beanstalk Single Mums Podcast | Pinterest

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