The peaceful process to dispute resolution

Peaceful dispute resolution

16 July 2017

When it comes to knowing your stuff my guest in this podcast is top of the class. And you can tell the minute we start talking.

Sarah Dukes is an experienced mediator, family dispute resolution practitioner, teacher, coach, counsellor and the founder of Peymac Mediations. Her own childhood growing up with separated parents has given her invaluable insight and first-hand real life knowledge to REALLY help people through their dispute resolution, the peaceful way.

In this podcast (and I wish we had longer!) we discuss:

  • The crisis of change – what it is and how to cope
  • The most difficult decisions to make during this crisis period
  • How to prepare mentally for dispute resolution
  • The importance of a parenting plan and what to include (and when)
  • How to make the transition from an ‘intimate’ to a ‘co-parenting’ relationship
  • Peaceful resolution ideas for sharing assets and a financial settlement
  • Some brilliant reading material to help you and your children in this difficult time



Listen here …

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