“I can’t wait to pay my electricity bill!” Said absolutely no one ever

Pay electricity bill

The eternal grudge purchase, household energy usage in Australia are only growing due to the continued electrification of our lives. What once was a $300 a quarter bill can now easily be $6-700.

Naturally, as many Australians have already done, the first step to reducing those energy bills is by installing solar. Solar works by converting the sun into electricity your home can use to run its appliances, lights and power. Then any excess can be sold back into the grid.


There are now over 3 million rooftops around the country that have installed their very own renewable energy power plant. An incredible achievement Australia is leading the way for the uptake of rooftop solar.

With this incredible growth, there are some growing pains that are starting to impact people. The two key issues that households are now facing. The pressure put on the grid from all of the excess solar getting fed back in and the lack of control because solar can’t generate power when the sun goes down. This has meant while solar has had an incredible impact on people’s bills, there is a shift into a new technology to get the absolute most out of their energy generation.


Solar batteries are starting to become the talk of the energy town as we see many new exciting products taking hold in the Aussie market. Products like Tesla Powerwall have taken off in popularity due to the amazing benefits and flexibility you can drive out of a battery.

Solar batteries work by storing any excess energy you have generated from your solar system for you and your home to use later. Meaning, when the sun goes down the savings don’t stop! The key to maximising your solar is by using it as much as possible and that is exactly what a solar battery can help you achieve.  

Plus, there are some other amazing benefits both finance and non-financial when you install a battery. Two of the most popular are access to a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and black out protection.

Blackout protection means that in the event of a black out, your battery will kick in meaning you can still run the things that matter most when the power goes out.

Then when you consider access to VPP’s the savings continue. A VPP is a retail energy plan that is designed so that people that join it can trade energy with the grid virtually when the grid needs it and be rewarded for their contribution. Hence the name, it is just like having your very own virtual power plant!

Make 2022 the year take control of your energy usage and turn those bills upside down. While not everyone can achieve a $0 bill (or even be in credit!), a solar battery is a great way to help drive down your grid usage, save some great money and increase your autonomy all in one go.

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