How to make kids sleep better during summer

Kids sleep better

A kid’s favourite season would probably be summer. Aside from school being out, summer also allows them to enjoy the great outdoors and do all sorts of activities with their family and friends. While summer is an enjoyable season, sleeping at night might be a bit more difficult. 

To help your kids restore their energy, listed below are some ways to make them sleep better during summer nights.

Replace Their Mattress

A cosy mattress is vital to a person’s sleep quality, including your kids. If they’re still using their old mattress, now might be the perfect time to upgrade and let them have a bigger bed where they can sleep comfortably. 

You probably know that kids love to sleep in a large bed as it allows them to move around and surround themselves with as much comfort as possible. To let them enjoy that freedom, you might want to consider switching to Queen memory foam mattresses. This way, they can enjoy ample space while allowing the comfort of memory foam to create a relaxing sleep environment.

Do your research before swapping mattresses. There are many shops online and across Australia including mattress Dulwich Hill.

Turn Down The Temperature

Even during night time, the air can be unbearably hot and humid, making the bedroom uncomfortable. To beat the heat, you may consider turning down the temperature in your kid’s bedroom. 

You can switch their air conditioning to 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit and let the cool air make their bed comfortable. Your kids can close their windows and fully enjoy the perfect temperature.

Your child’s body temperature will always be higher if they sleep with you, so it is best to try and get your child to stop sleeping in your bed if you co-sleep.

Further reading: Why an air-conditioning system is crucial for your children's health.

Use Breathable Bed Sheets

Apart from the bed and mattress, the bed sheets also affect their sleep. Since summer can make everything feel warm, choose the fabric for their bedding carefully. You might want to switch to a breathable bed sheet that’s safe and gentle on your kid’s skin. 

For instance, using bamboo cotton sheets can help make their beds feel soft and breathable at the same time. They’ll surely enjoy the comfort of the fabric as it touches their skin when they lie down to sleep. 

Let Them Take A Shower Before Bedtime

Adults usually take a shower before bedtime to help them relax and prepare themselves to settle down for the night. So, you might want your kids to adopt the same routine to help them sleep better. However, note that a warm shower can help put your kids to sleep, while a cold one does the exact opposite. 

Ideally, they shouldn’t wash their hair, so you don’t have to worry about drying their hair before they go to bed. To make their shower experience more relaxing, you might want to use a lavender-scented bath soap and let the pleasant aroma put them in a relaxing mood. You might be surprised that this tiny detail can induce a deep slumber. 

Ensure They Have Enough Stimulation

Children might have trouble sleeping at night if they cannot release their pent-up energy during the day. Kids are full of energy and need to let it out, or they won’t get sleepy. 

To limit bedtime frustrations, you need to ensure your kids have enough stimulation during the day. Provide plenty of exciting physical activities and limit their screen time. 

However, lay off the stimulation at least two hours before bedtime to lower their adrenaline levels. This will help them gradually wind down and get to sleep faster. 

Hang Blackout Curtains

If your kids are easily distracted by bright lights coming from the outside, you might want to consider investing in blackout curtains. These heavy curtains will block light, such as that from a passing car, from entering your child’s room. 

However, if your child isn’t entirely comfortable with total darkness, you can get them a night light with a stable and warm hue. This can give the room a dim glow without causing any distractions. 

Let Them Wear Breathable Pyjamas

Apart from their bedsheets, your children’s nightclothes can also affect their sleep quality. If your child is extremely sensitive to heat and sweats like crazy even if the air conditioning is already at the lowest setting, then you might want to consider getting them some breathable pyjamas. 

You can choose between cotton, polyester, rayon, or bamboo, as these fabrics promote good air circulation. These can help keep your kids comfortable as they sleep at night.


Your kids deserve to have a good night’s sleep. To improve their sleep experience, you should make a few adjustments to their sleep environment, what they wear, and their routine. 

While it might require additional work and extra expense as you need to replace plenty of things, seeing your child sleep peacefully would make everything worth it.  

Kids sleep better

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