What you need to know to run an online business from home successfully

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There are many people who are unable to work full-time or even part-time due to their circumstances. Single mums can find it hard to find time to juggle work while caring for their young ones. There are other reasons that someone might want to work from home and these can be due to being located in a remote area, disability or limited range of movement and lack of transport.

 During 2020 the world saw the Covid-19 pandemic that affected billions of lives. People were placed under lockdown in countries from the US to Italy to Australia. The whole globe was affected in various ways. One of the effects was rising unemployment levels. Many people either lost their jobs, were furloughed or began remote working for their employers. 

Many people were not in the position to perform their roles from home. Hospitality workers, casino staff and cooks ended up spending weeks if not months not having a regular income or employment. Working from home could be one way to create an income and with little investment.

How to get started

First you will need to decide what type of online business you are going to run. A good start would be to look at your own knowledge and talents. Also it may help to find something you really enjoy. Ideally your online business will make a profit and provide extra income but depending on the route you take it could take some time before money comes in (if ever. Choosing an enjoyable pursuit means you may be able to turn a hobby into a business.

What are the possibilities for working from home

There are many options to create money working from home. Data entry, virtual secretarial positions and proofreading are all realistic online options. If you want to work for yourself however and build a business then you will have to look elsewhere.


Creating your own blog can be a creative way to bring extra income in. If you decide to do this you will be joining the 150 million blogs that are already published on the net. Don’t expect to make money instantly with a blog. You will have to be committed to building up a fan base and creating regular content. Pick a subject matter that you have knowledge about. It can be literally anything as long as you can write regular content. Money saving tips for single mums, budget recipes and travel blogs are all popular. Successful blogs can make revenue through Google Ads and selling space privately.

Building an online shop

If you have something you can sell then there are many options to build your own shop online. Arts and crafts, homemade sauces, jams etc can be sold. Homemade jewellery or other unique items are options too. You can start a shop on Shopify or use a page builder like WordPress or Wix.


You can build a business dropshipping which is where you take orders and use a third party to fulfil the order for a lower price. You therefore make a small profit without the need for holding stock on site or investing a large amount of money.

Setting your goals

What you choose to do will depend on what you are trying to achieve. If you are looking for a hobby that brings in some extra income should be reflected in how much you invest in your business. If you are in no rush to make money then blogging or selling crafts might be ideal. If you were looking to make a real income then you will need to find a niche that you can thrive in. 

Choosing the right domain name and hosting

Think of a name for your company that will describe what you are doing or your products. Domain names should ideally be short and memorable. Names that are preferably less than 14 characters are best and should be easy to type and to say. The hosting you choose is equally if not more important as choosing the domain name.

Selecting the correct website hosting package

Choosing a company with good customer service is vital. You will rely on the company for after sales service in the event of technical issues and you want to know they care about their customers. Look on Google for reviews and do some research. 

Server location is also important. If you are based in Australia and your visitors are mostly also in Australia then you don’t really want your servers to be in Europe. Distance between server and user will affect the speed of the hosting so look for local hosts such as fortunelords.com who can supply hosting in Australia.

Getting the correct hosting package is also important. You want to make sure all the services you require are included. Email hosting, WordPress hosting, adequate bandwidth and storage are just some of the things you will need to look at. Poor hosting can cause problems from ranking to speed and lost visitors. If you choose cheap hosting with poor servers then visitors will not stay on your site long enough to make a purchase and your Google ranking will eventually tank.

Make sure your hosting company is reputable

Another part of choosing a hosting company is making sure they are not known for hosting websites containing illicit products or adult entertainment. These sites can adversely affect your own Google ranking by being held on the same servers.

How do you build your website?

Using professionals could be expensive but if you have no design skills and a big budget then this is an option. Otherwise look at page builders with ecommerce widgets. Shopify, Wix and WordPress are two popular ways to build sites and shops. You can open a free account and play around until you get used to the tools and options. Once you understand the platform you can now build your own website, blog and shop!


There are many areas to consider when starting an online business but these are a few to get you started with an online business. If you become successful then there will be other factors such as staff and taxes to cover but to start with you can build a website fairly easily and use social media to promote your business while spending a minimal amount of money.

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