8 Tips to manage a family with a nursing career

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 91% of nurses are female, meaning that they also have to play the role of mothers, wives, daughters, etc. Managing a career as a nurse alongside a family can be challenging. The stress increases, the responsibility doubles, and women can sometimes crumble under pressure. Often the stress of work leads you to believe that you must choose one of the two rewarding titles. However, being a mother and being a nurse is remarkable in two completely different ways; choosing one of the two is impossible.

While being a nurse helps you give back to the community immensely, being a mother enables you to feel complete. As a nurse, you help strangers recover with kindness and care, and as a mother, you help a loved one find their place in the world. These descriptions explain why nursing and motherhood can’t be compared. These duties are incredibly fulfilling and help a woman unleash her true potential and realise her crucial role in society.

It might seem like a lot to handle initially, but if you are committed to making it work, you can be great at both these jobs. All you need is the right strategy to manage basic human needs alongside your responsibilities. The trick is not to let the stress of the duties take a toll on your health. Female experts in the industry have developed a carefully curated guide based on similar experiences to help other women find a balance between nursing and motherhood. Here are eight tips on managing a family with a nursing career and being great at both.

1. Make use of online nursing programs

Becoming part of team nursing means managing several leadership roles at a healthcare facility alongside your family responsibilities. It requires a lot of training. To understand different nursing leadership roles, familiarise yourself with nursing responsibilities, and access the learning materials, you need to enrol in a nursing degree or training program. Try opting for an online training program as they are more flexible and can help you advance in your career while you fulfil your responsibilities at home.

2. Choose flexible working hours

Most nurses can work 8, 10, or 12-hour shifts. Each of these options has varying pros and cons. For example, a hospital or clinic requires nurses to work around the clock. It explains why the duties of a nurse are separated into shifts. To manage your personal life better, you can choose a nursing shift that allows you to balance things better. For example, choose a time when your partner is at home so they can take care of the children while you can go out and work your shift without stressing about your family.

3. Ask for or hire help

No matter how hard you try, there might be moments when you cannot handle both family and nursing simultaneously. In such cases, make sure that you separate emotion from practicality and prepare a backup plan. Hire professional help or ask a colleague or loved one to support or assist you in your duties. Make a list of people that you can rely on to help you out when needed to perform the following:

  • Babysit your children
  • Cover your shift at the hospital
  • Cook meals for your family
  • Clean your house
  • Tutor your kids
  • Assist you with work

4. Plan days or months ahead of time

Over time there can be several personal or nursing phases that require your full attention, for example:

  • The hospital is conducting training sessions for all nurses, and you need to participate.


  • Your child is playing the lead in a school play and wants you to be there in the audience.

You can’t possibly miss out on any of these. Therefore, you must keep a calendar and plan your events ahead of time, so you know what actions to take to adjust your role and be available to participate in these events actively.

5. Schedule family time in your daily routine

When choosing between work and family, most people tend to prioritise their work-life first. However, choosing work over family can sometimes result in missing out on crucial and memorable times with your family. You must schedule family time in your daily routine to deal with this, just like your shift. When you divide these two roles based on the time, you will better realize when to be a mother and a nurse. In addition, it will help you better manage a family with a nursing career.

6. Talk to people around you

To successfully juggle family and work-life every day, you need to make sure that the people around you understand how hard it is and can empathise with you. Talk to your employer about your family needs so you can ask for favours or become part of a benefits package that the healthcare facility offers. The benefits package allows you to take days off when personal responsibilities come up and provide you with the luxury of working flexible shifts. On the other hand, you must convey your nursing responsibilities to your family to understand when you have to cancel plans for work. Family members need to know about your work-life to set realistic expectations.

7. Set healthy boundaries

To better organise yourself between two roles, you need to set boundaries. Overtime and emergency opportunities at the hospital or clinic can seem tempting in monetary terms, but it’s best to keep your days off focused away from work. On weekends and other days off, focus on spending time with your family. But when you are at work, give 100% attention to your work. Make sure you never mix your professional and personal life to maintain mental and physical health.

8. Prioritise me-time every now and then

Balancing demanding responsibilities like nursing and motherhood can be exhausting. Most women divide their routine between work and family only. However, this division is not healthy. It would be best if you took some time away from both to unwind, relax, and take care of yourself. Why spend time alone? Because your mind, body, and soul need days or hours away from your family and patients to rest and restore. Indulge in regular me time to give yourself a break you deserve after managing a family alongside a nursing career.


Living as a mother and a nurse can be exhausting, but it’s gratifying. You don’t have to rob yourself of your love for both; you have to find the right balance. Managing a family alongside nursing means that you have a lot to offer the world. Why hide your gift when you can be great at both your roles with a bit of dedication and effort? Hopefully, the tips mentioned above provide you with the right motivation to try balancing two different lives. All you have to do is stay committed to the goal, use the tricks in this article to your advantage, and fulfil your lifelong passion for managing a career and family simultaneously. Good luck!

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