5 Reasons to power your Queensland property with solar panels

Solar panels

The growth of solar panels is increasing with time as people are becoming aware of the depletion of natural resources to get electricity. Solar is the alternative and future source of electricity. Australia, in general, and Queensland, in particular, are focussing on investments in solar panels.

But solar energy investments might not return in the short term, and the benefits can be perceived in the long term. If you are a proud Queenslander, you might ask about the logic behind this investment. The article serves to answer the question by focusing primarily on the benefits of investing in solar panels.

The Two I’s of solar, in Queensland: Installation and Investment

We focus mainly on numbers (in this short section) to understand why to invest in solar. Let’s try to understand it here to get a picture. These figures matter to You.

Queensland labels itself as the “sunshine state” as the authorities and policymakers are focussing on clean energy investments. According to Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator, approximately 923238 small solar systems have been installed so far (at the beginning of 2023).

With a population close to 5.3 million, around 1 Kw of capacity is installed per capita. Not only this, the government has an ambitious role in powering 50% of the household with solar energy by 2030.

Therefore, it’s wise to put in the investments and align your intentions with the state’s vision. You can bank on LiVE Services Group Australia. They are southeast Queensland’s leading solar panel installers. It’s a one-stop shop for trade-related products. They provide high-quality on-grid solar systems with 25 years of warranty.

Reasons To Power Your Queensland Property With Solar

It requires no difficulty to understand that people and the government are heading fast toward the installation of solar panels. Now the investment decision is backed by solid reasons. We will discuss them to understand the subject in perspective. Let’s try to understand it here, so you perceive things from a closer angle.

1. Healthy Investments

Solar energy is always considered a healthy investment. They are one of the most practical ways of reducing carbon emissions. You might know that greenhouse gas emissions are increasing with time.

According to an assumption, 10 billion tonnes of CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere every year. In addition, other emissions like sulfur and nitrogen oxygen contribute to acid rain. Solar energy has the capacity to reverse the condition completely. This becomes an environmentally healthy investment.

2. Soft On Your Pockets

The traditional electricity bills will get expensive with the time. This is the area of solar-powered cells of real advantage. With a solar battery, you can reduce the use of electricity by 50% to 100%. You might question the feed-in tariff. In earlier days, they were high, but now the cost has reduced significantly. Solar will become cheaper with time.

3. Low Maintenance Costs

Solar panel systems do not require much maintenance. You know, most solar panels have a warranty period ranging from 15 to 20 years. But with service providers (solar installers) like LiVE Services Group Australia, you can get a discount of up to around 25 years. In general, the warranties cover defective components. They are the fault of the manufacturer. What you get are lower maintenance costs.

4. Control Your Own Electricity Bills

The best thing that you have with solar electricity is that you can control your own electricity consumption. Based on your own energy requirements, you can control your energy savings. You can restrain your energy bills by using more and more clean energy. Hence, with a lesser unit of electricity available, you can eliminate the dependency on the grid.

4. Increase The Value Of Your Property

According to realestate.com.au, around 85% of the respondents believe that solar-powered systems increase the value of the home. It was also found that around 57% of the home would pay up to around $10000 more for investment in solar energy. Not only this, but when you sell your property, you can get better prices than those not fitted with solar.

GO Green !!

The time has come for the individual household and the larger bodies to cooperate more in developing policies that help produce solar energy. Solar is the imminent future, and the stakeholders of society acknowledge this hard fact and take steps to increase energy consumption.

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Solar panels

Solar panels

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