Insecurities in a long distance relationship

Long distance relationships are not easy. When the person you love lives hundreds or thousands of miles away, it is perfectly logical to end up having doubts. In today’s article, we will talk in depth about the insecurities that arise in long distance relationships.


The world of the 21st century is a digital one. Immediacy is part of our daily lives, making us more and more impatient.

What could be the reason my partner is not replying to my messages straight away?

Probably nothing to worry about. Normally, it’s just your imagination playing tricks on you. The fear of losing a loved one is inherent in every human with any kind of heart. These fears are normal and usually increase with distance. Not knowing what your partner is doing can make you a little paranoid, but remember that trust is a basic pillar of every relationship, and if you can have it you’ll breathe much easier.


The digital era has its drawbacks too. Apps such as Instagram and Facebook, which enable us to communicate with anyone, can increase the desire to have an affair … and who would find out about it?

Australia is a huge country on an even bigger planet, and it’s easy to find escorts online in Sydney to satisfy your desires with just a click. Spending a fun night with a call girl is as easy as downloading Tinder and swiping right. Strangers are a good option for many people looking for a good time with no complications. The discretion and anonymity offered by this type of encounters make it an insecurity for your other half when talking about long distance relationships. As we said, who would find out?

Sometimes, cheating is like shutting yourself in a golden cage. Things may seem glamorous and passionate, but the truth is that the real world is waiting for you outside, and its teeth are sharp. Think twice before giving yourself that push. Long distance relationships are complicated.


Open relationships are the order of the day. How crazy is that? If you stop to think about it, it’s actually not.

Love is something indescribable, and being in love is something you feel in your gut and your heart. It’s possible to have a passionate night with a stranger and still love your partner. Physical contact doesn’t have to ruin your emotional connection. We all have desires, and it’s logical to think about having a good time with someone who attracts you physically. This doesn’t have to affect your relationship, especially if it’s a long distance one.

Think about it – what purer act of love than to give the person you love some freedom? A complete heart will never fly away.

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