How common is it for US children to experience divorce?

We all know that the number of divorces increases year by year. There is a massive amount of research being done to find the answers to why it’s happening. People seem to find it hard to stay happy together for a more extended period of time. The demand for a separation or divorce settling is so high, there are even special guides online, like california divorce guide, that help people understand the process better and speed up things. What is really concerning is how the divorce between parents affects their children.

In the United States, a divorce between two parents happens every 22 seconds. So by the time you are finished with this article, around ten families will change forever. It is good to know that the divorce rate for people with kids to those without is lower by 40%. However, this still means that around half of the children in the US will see their parents breaking up. Also, if you decide to have a baby before getting married, the risk of getting divorced increases by 24%.

Parents getting divorced means families facing the next challenge that is co-parenting.

There are ways in which you can ease the adaptation to the new reality process for your kids. Co-parenting is not an easy task, but it is possible for you to do it well enough to make sure your children have a lovely childhood.

After a divorce, statistically, the children live with their mother most of the time, with only three percent of the fathers living with their kids on an everyday basis, and children need both of their parents’ presence.

Almost a hundred percent of adults that have experienced the divorce of their parents at a young age admit that it changed them.

Your job is to make sure that this change is as positive as it can get. Joint custody of the kids is the court’s hands, but the quality of co-parenting is solely in yours.

If you need more information about co-parenting, study the graphic below.


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