6 Ideal freelance jobs for single parents

Freelance work single parents

Are you looking for flexible ways to raise some extra cash? If so, you’re not alone. Managing finances as a single parent is difficult enough without the skyrocketing cost of living in Australia right now. Consumer prices rose 3.5% in 2021 while wages only increased by 2.3% according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, leaving even those on full-time incomes struggling.

Returning to a traditional job might not be feasible right now, especially if your children are still young and need support during standard work hours. But there are opportunities out there that allow you maintain a healthy balance – both in terms of time and finances.

Certain roles and industries allow you to dictate your own hours and location in a way that suit you. Many such jobs have only become possible during the age of the internet, with growing global connectivity allowing us to work almost anywhere, anytime.

If this setup sounds like just what you need right now, you’ll like the six ideas below.

Freelance writing

Have you always had a way with words? Whether you’ve created stories or diaries in your spare time or actually worked in a writing role before, freelance writing can be a solid easy option once you establish your offering and start building a client base.

You could focus on more creative brand-led work as a copywriter and write smart advertising campaigns across printed materials, billboards and digital channels. Alternatively, you might want to research, write and proofread articles across a range of topics for businesses and publications.

Pet sitting

If you’ve got a love for animals, then pet sitting could be perfect. You’ll take care of busy owners’ beloved pets when they’re out by exercising, training or grooming them, or simply just keeping them company.

Ideally, you’ll be able to use experience from raising and taking care of pets of your own – though you can soon pick things up. Having basic knowledge of animal behaviour and first aid will be beneficial too as your clients will need to be able to trust that their pet is in safe hands.


Most people favour at least one subject growing up. Teaching yours – or a skill you’ve developed later in life – can be rewarding in more ways than one.

You could teach young people or adults abroad English online for example – or offer music, sport or cooking lessons in your local area. Whatever it is that you have to offer and whatever teaching format suits best, you’ll be able to pick and choose the slots you work, then have the time in between to yourself.


Got a keen eye for finances and geopolitical news? If so, you could make your expertise work for you by becoming a forex trader. In short, you’ll monitor markets and buy and sell stocks at the optimum time to make a healthy profit.

You’ll need to have time to research market trends and investment strategies, but when and how you do this is up to you. You can do it from anywhere too – it’s easy to set up an online account and start making trades from your smartphone.

Selling homemade products

eCommerce revenue is projected to exceed $45m in Australia in 2022, with the pandemic driving many of us to buy more online than ever before. As a result, it’s never been easier to reach a global audience – which is ideal if you have a creative skill or hobby that you can monetise.

You might craft jewellery or clothing for example, or sketch iconic characters, locations or buildings. Whatever it is, set up an online shop and advertise your products to the masses.

Taking surveys

Completing online surveys is low-skilled, low-effort work that’s easy to fit around a busy schedule. You’ll get rewarded for telling businesses or organisations what you think about certain topics, products or services, through a series of polls and questions.

Signing up for survey alerts in your email inbox will let you know when a new survey is ready and waiting. You could make hundreds of dollars in cash or vouchers a year if you’re dedicated – but even if not, every little helps!

Being a single parent makes it tricky to earn a healthy income – but by no means is it impossible. Try one of these ideas out to make extra money in a way that suits you.

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