6 Easy ways to make fitness fun for kids

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Gone are the days where children spend their afternoons out at a park or field playing games, sports and engaging in activities with one another. In today’s digital world, most kids would rather sit on the couch and tap away at their phone or tablet instead of heading outdoors or engaging in physical activity.

If you are a parent who is looking to encourage your child to disconnect from the digital world and incorporate some fitness and exercise into their lifestyles, this is the article for you.

Today, we have a look at 6 easy ways to make fitness fun for kids (without a gadget or phone in sight), so read on to find out more! 

6 Easy ways to make fitness fun for kids

1. Create Some Friendly Competition

If there is one thing that most children cannot resist, it’s a little friendly competition. By getting your kids engaged in competitive games, activities and sports, you’ll not only get them out of the house but also inspire them to do their best. Healthy competition is a great way to teach children that it’s not always the best who succeed, but rather those who work hard and never give up that are the real winners in the long run. Some incredibly fun activities that you can get your children involved in include basketball, soccer, netball or even just a family-friendly competition on the table tennis table in your garage.

2. Shake Your Groove Thing

You probably already know some of the benefits that dancing can offer, some of which include, increased flexibility, better cardiovascular health and improved muscle tone. The great thing about dancing is that it often doesn’t feel like a chore or an exercise, making it the perfect opportunity for children to have a superbly fun time whilst improving their fitness levels. You can always sign your kids up for a weekly dance class, or even just host a weekly “family dance evening” where you can all have a boogie to your favourite tunes.

3. Walk or Run For A Cause

A great way for parents to model the value of exercise and giving back to society is to team up with the kids and participate in a walk or run for charity. There are numerous fundraising walks and runs that happen almost on a monthly basis in most cities, and enrolling both yourself and your kids in one is a great way to spend some quality time with the little ones. Of course, since your kids will be a part of the event, we recommend choosing fundraisers that your children actively want to support in order to boost their motivation levels and increase the chances of them wanting to do it again in the future.

4. Get Messy In The Garden

Exercise comes in all shapes and forms and believe it or not, one of them includes gardening. Did you know that gardening is actually a fantastic means of strength training and can even burn up to 300 calories in a 45 minute session? As we know, kids are experts at digging up dirt, so why not let them turn over the soil and help you plant seedlings and buds. Gardening is also a great way to teach children where our food comes from and can help instil respect for nature and the planet we live on.

5. Walk Your Furry Friend

If you have a dog, one of the best ways to ensure that your children maintain a good level of outdoor physical activity is to make dog walking one of their chores. A simple 30 minute walk each evening can help to strengthen your child’s muscles, bones and cardiovascular health. If your child is too young to venture out on his or her own, making the daily dog walk a family event is always recommended. Doing so will also help develop a sense of responsibility and accountability in children, so why not kill two birds with one stone!

6. Make A Game Of Household Chores

Children almost always hate doing their chores, and I’m sure that is something we can all agree on. If your child would rather stay glued to their screen all day long, then making a game of household chores may be a great option to inject some activity into their daily lifestyle. A simple idea would be to have your child “save” their toys from an evil monster, also known as picking up after themselves. You could also pretend that dust creatures are invading the earth and that your child is a superhero whose job is to sweep them away and save the world! By incorporating fun narratives into otherwise mundane activities, you’ll be able to get your children to keep up with their chores and exercise at the same time.’

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Getting your children off the couch and out the door doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem. By thinking out of the box and incorporating fun elements to daily activities, you’ll find that fitness is something that your children will grow to love and incorporate into their lives as they grow into healthy and happy adults.

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