How to educate your children online without banning the internet

Educate children online

You, as a parent, can help children navigate online, and you must supervise what they see on the web! For this to be possible, you must monitor the apps and websites they use, decide what is good or not for your little ones, and talk at all times (with risks in view or not).

Indeed, in our world today, it is no longer possible to prevent children from using the internet – even if it is to carry out school tasks or for leisure time with family and friends! 

Therefore, the best thing is to find ways to reconcile the education of children both socially (as individuals) and digitally (as “responsible” users).

Keeping your kids safe online is a must, not an option!

Some people may see parental control as an attitude related to an authoritarian and rigid style of creating individuals; however, this view is very distorted from the real purpose of the platform. 

The purpose of the system is to allow you to help your children navigate safely and conscientiously. With it, you’ll be able to manage the apps and websites they access. 

So it’s up to you to decide together what’s good for them. And when we say “together,” we propose including children in the conversation! You will show the positive and negative points, imposing the necessary limits so that they do not access content restricted to the age of their children. 

The platform also lets you see where your kids are and send messages directly to their device screens.

How to offer protection for your whole family?

As mobile devices become more part of the routine of all of us, including the smallest, even schools have started to look for online strategies. They are adapting to teaching methods and didactic activities with technological resources that these devices can offer us! 

We cannot deny that this is something positive in many ways. But, let’s reflect on the following topic: if adults end up suffering from malware and ransomware attacks designed to harm machines or have access to data without consent, how could children not run around accessing websites or downloading apps to play games and watch cartoons? 

That’s why we are here emphasising and recommending that when it comes to internet security, the best thing is to find ways to protect browsing for all family members – especially children!

Another issue that must be clarified and very well discussed with children, especially those who are almost reaching pre-adolescence, is cyberbullying

If the information, advice, and measures do not start at home, it can generate very worrying problems/situations for parents and guardians!

So what would be the best solution? Have an accurate follow-up of everything the child does when they are online! This helps to identify if your child is being cyberbullied or is a bully (one who bullies other children). 

Why is parental control important?

Unfortunately, it is common for some children to end up accessing sites and content inappropriate for their age when they have easy access to tablets and cell phones. The biggest problem with all this is not only suffering from virus attacks that damage your computer or mobile device but other types of damage that can be irreparable: mental injury and damage to the child’s well-being caused by improper use of the network! 

Even if this kind of risk is accurate, the interaction and internet access of our little ones are already something inevitable! 

In other words, banning is irrational and not very sensible. In addition to parental control, open up more space for dialogues with the child during the tasks of their day and seek to have tools developed specifically for the appropriate age group for them to use on their devices. 

All these actions make possible a “virtual education” of your children, nephews, or grandchildren in a viable way! 

How to choose parental control programs?

One of the best ways to test any type of program is to download a trial and use the free trial as an experiment! That way, you can see how different programs work and then choose the one you like best (analysing which one best suits your needs). 

That way, you can adapt to the mechanism and discover all the features of the program. It can identify whether this is the best antivirus for detecting threats, protecting your data, and monitoring your children’s activities with a view to helping them deal with the unknown. 

Even if your kids are naturally curious, it’s important to always be one step ahead and buy antivirus with parental controls. 

What can you expect from a parental control program?

After downloading the program, even if it’s a free version, you can already count on features such as application surveillance with basic reports on the child’s cell phone use and you can also set a time limit for games and other means of entertainment. 

Generally, when you start paying for the tool, you have access to all the functions of the free version, it has the child locator (which identifies your child’s exact location) and you can also monitor the websites accessed instead of just the applications!

How to find and choose the best company for this?

When searching for companies that specialise in online security and web protection, give priority to institutions that are committed to keeping all our users well protected, and, for that, they provide versions of antivirus and exclusive complimentary tools (such as parental control).

Finding the ideal e-commerce institution, you can download it anywhere in the world. Ask about the antivirus download packages offered (to see if they are complete and efficient), as well as prioritise choosing those that provide differentiated support in your language.

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