Dry skin blues? 5 tips to soothe irritated, dry skin

5 tips to soothe irritated, dry skin | Beanstalk Mums

Flaky, cracked, dry, sore, and red. All the signs of someone suffering from dry skin. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much moisturiser you desperately apply, when your skin is dry it can feel like a losing battle and that nothing works. Hiding your skin problems with makeup isn’t even possible – not unless you want to make things worse and even more visible. 

For those suffering from dry skin, the weather can have a massive impact on the condition – the harsher months of autumn and winter are often the worst and it’s also when your skin is the most vulnerable and fragile. The cold air, harsh winds, and even indoor heating all make the condition worse. However, we have to be just as wary in summer – having a sunscreen right for your skin type is essential to ensure your skin doesn’t burn and dry out further.

Luckily, there are ways you can soothe and diminish your dry skin problems – check out this wide range of skincare products from Adore for some inspiration – so if you’re looking for some helpful skincare tips, you’re in the right place.

Read on for 5 tips to soothe your dry, unruly skin.


On those dark, early mornings sometimes the only thing that gets you out of bed is the thought of enjoying a long, hot shower. Unfortunately, if you suffer from dry skin, hot showers could be making things much worse. When we shower with hot water, the high temperature increases the evaporation rate of moisture on – and in – our skin, drawing the skin out and making already dry and weathered skin even drier in the process! Reduce the temperature of your shower by a few degrees and be sure to shower for a maximum of only 10 minutes to help reduce this issue. Also, swap your dry soaps for gels and shower oils to help increase and encourage your skin’s natural moisture levels.


Once you’re out of the shower, make sure you’re only patting yourself dry with a light, fluffy towel. Rubbing yourself dry is a big no-no for someone with dry skin. The friction between the towel and your body will likely leave behind the tell-tale powdery signs of irritated and dry skin. try to remember, if you rub yourself dry with a towel after a bath or a shower, you’re only going to make things a lot worse! Lightly dabbing is the way forward for dry skin sufferers.

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If you suffer particularly with dry hands, the best option is to keep them covered and protected from both the elements and daily irritants as much as possible. For example, avoid getting your hands wet when the weather is cold, and wear gloves to keep them covered as often as you can when dealing with water indoors (such as when cleaning). This will help reduce the onset of dry skin – and if you already have dry skin, following this advice will help your skin to heal quicker!


We all know the importance of applying moisturiser after a shower or a bath. These helpful dermatological products help to lock in moisture, resulting in softer and more supple skin for longer. However, if you have dry skin, using the wrong moisturiser will make little difference. Be aware and make sure you’re switching your moisturiser for a much richer and heavier kind if you’re experiencing the onset of the drying effects of cold weather. Balms or thick creams that form hydrating barriers on the surface of your skin will effectively work harder and deliver longer lasting protection. Switching to a light lotion should be ideal for the summer months.


We don’t just drink water to keep our organs functioning, we need water to keep our skin hydrated too! The key to softer and more supple skin that seems to glow from within is plenty of fresh water. So, make sure you’re getting the recommended amount of water per day – this works out as roughly 2 litres per day, equivalent to approximately half a gallon. You’ll notice a big difference in your skin if you keep this habit up for more than a week!

 5 tips to soothe irritated, dry skin | Beanstalk Single Mums Pinterest

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