6 Dressing and styling tips for harried new mums

New mum style

Becoming a mum is incredibly challenging, and when you’re juggling round-the-clock nursing, diaper changes, burping sessions, and fretful days, the last thing on your mind is dressing up and looking stylish. When you’re ready to take a break from the sweatpants, baggy tees covered in baby spit-up, and mismatched socks, check out these simple dressing and styling tips. Spending just 10 minutes each morning taking care of yourself will make you feel energetic, more in control of your life, and better equipped to nurture that precious new member of the family.

1. Retire Your Maternity Wear Even if Still Fits

The first step to looking stylish is to give your wardrobe a complete makeover. Pull out the maternity wear and pack away or donate to friends or charity. Even if the clothing still fits, each garment will likely be stretched out and shapeless. Don’t expect that you’ll fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes. Studies have proved that the mother’s body takes at least 12 months to recover completely from her pregnancy. Some women may need at least two years to shed all that excess weight, especially the fat around their bellies. Accept that your body cannot get back into shape quickly and wear clothing that flatters your new curvy figure that celebrates motherhood.

2. Post-Pregnancy Fashion Need Not be Baggy and Shapeless

When choosing new styles, focus on the cuts that will flatter your body. Go with A-line cuts and empire waistlines that flow in clean lines and conceal your curves. If needed, pick out layers, adding a lacy tank top or cute shrug. And, remember, you can dress up and look great even when you’re rocking the baby to sleep. Make shoulder towels your best friend and keep your favourite tops protected from baby food spills and diaper accidents. Here’s another great tip. How about showing off your sexy décolletage with V-neck shirts and dark jeans that are an all-time style statement. You could also pick out jeans that have lycra panels that mould around your figure and look great as you shed the pounds.

3. Make Your Own Accessories

Mums need to be careful about their accessories and eliminate any piece of jewellery that can be a choking hazard. That rules out beads, charms, and anything that might have sharp, metallic edges or pins that can hurt delicate baby skin. But that does not mean you have to give up wearing pretty things. Invest in art resin and make yourself a bunch of smooth bangles in different colours. Check videos online that show you how to blend glitter, tiny beads, stars, shells, and other embellishments into the resin before setting it. These items add to the beauty of the piece but are unlikely to detach and become a hazard.

3. Hire Dresses for a Formal Evening

Since your body is still in the process of getting back into shape, investing in expensive couture doesn’t make sense. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish when attending formal events or even a special date with your partner. Search for online stores that offer dress hire in Perth. You can check their catalogs to pick out the fashion you like and use their size guide to select the pieces that will fit. The company delivers the dress to your doorstep, complete with the coordinated accessories you’ve ordered. Take your pick from smart shoes, trendy bags, and gorgeous jewelry. When you’re done with the attire, you’ll return it, pay the rental charges, and get back your deposit.

4. Get Your Hair Styled

Few mothers are prepared for the hair loss that typically occurs around four months after they deliver. This hair shedding is a normal process, and you can expect to get back your original hair by the baby’s first birthday. Don’t stress about hair issues, and instead, get a new cut that is easy to manage and looks fabulous even while you’re losing strands. Going for a shorter length is always advisable since washing and drying your tresses will take less time.

4. It’s Time for New Shoes

New shoes always make a woman feel wonderful. Now that your ankles resemble human ankles again, ditch the fuzzy slippers you’ve worn for the last six months. Even if you can’t wear high heels, go for an inch or two to make your legs look longer. Stacked boots are an excellent option that combines style and comfort.

Becoming a mum is like starting a new chapter in your life. And, to do that, you’ll invest in a whole new stylish and fashionable look with these six tips.

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