What divorced mums should consider at their second wedding

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Second marriages are a second chance at love. They’re the perfect opportunity to celebrate all that you’ve achieved in life and how you’ve grown, but your first ceremony might feel like it looms over your next great love.

This guide explains what divorced mums should consider at their second wedding so it’s even more incredible than your wildest dreams.

1. Rethink Traditional Roles

Even if you’re not religious or from a family that values traditional ways of living, weddings are full of rituals. Whether it’s picking the right dress color or lighting a candle during your vows, everything symbolises a deeper meaning.

You may have already incorporated many of those traditions in your first wedding, so now you can rethink them. Your father doesn’t have to walk you down the aisle a second time if you’d rather have your kids escort you to the altar. It all depends on what you’d prefer to change.

2. Skip the Seating Chart

Divorce can complicate relationships with family members and friends. Creating a seating chart might become the most stressful part of your wedding planning experience. If you’re struggling to pair people who don’t have grudges or a tenuous past, skip the seating chart altogether. People will gravitate toward the people they prefer, so it’s not likely something you’ll need to worry about.

If you think a seating chart could prevent explosive conversations, categorise everyone by groups like putting your close friends at the same table and your cousins at another. They can pick who they sit next to while abiding by preset table arrangements.

3. Enjoy Your Reception

Ceremonies are the time to pledge your love and become your partner’s spouse. Receptions are where the celebration begins. Make it a party by splurging on your favorite seasonal foods while providing kid-friendly options for younger eaters with pickier palate. 

Summer brides could serve a crab puff appetizer and follow it with Caprese salad or lobster rolls. The food will nod to the warm weather and even your venue if you pick an oceanfront reception room. Craft your menu with delectable favourites and everyone will have as much fun as you and your partner.

4. Include a Registry

Some brides don’t think it’s polite to create a registry for their second wedding, but it’s no big deal. Just adapt what you list to your current needs. Instead of asking for your first set of china dishes or kitchen towels, you could request fun decor or create a honeymoon fund. People always have things they’d like to buy, so use your registry to knock a few gifts off of your dream list.

5. Evaluate Your Guest List

The guest list might be the most dreaded part of planning a second wedding. Former in-laws could pressure you for an invite if you were close or your ex’s friends could want to stop by because they were your friends too.  

It’s always best to evaluate your guest list based on what would make you and your partner most comfortable. They could dread running into your ex’s family because it would add awkward tension to the day. You should only feel joy from sunrise to sunset, so invite the people who will support that.

6. Consider a New Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are a chance to hang out with your friends and get housewarming gifts. You likely don’t need those same presents if you’ve already established a life with your partner. Instead, consider a new kind of bachelorette party.

Throw a celebration that’s more like a wedding shower or a special dinner. You’ll get a day of fun and you can always let people know that gifts are optional. Spending time with loved ones is the best way to spend the weeks before your wedding, with or without a table of presents.

7. Remember Your Wedding Dreams

Is there anything you couldn’t do during your first wedding because of timing or budget constraints? Add them to your second wedding. You might have a bigger budget because of your advanced career or more time to save for that massive flower arch above your altar. Reflect on what you didn’t get to include in your first wedding and see if they’re things you’d like to integrate into your second ceremony.

8. Pick Your Favourite Dress 

Wedding dresses are another tradition that relaxes when someone remarries. You don’t have to fulfil any mother’s dreams about a big white dress in a traditional style anymore. Find a daring gown in a bold hue or something casual that speaks to your personality.

Many brides also match their dress to their venue. Booking your date could help you navigate the tricky waters of wedding gown shopping. If you’re struggling with what to choose, save pictures of dresses that catch your eye. You’ll eventually spot trends for things like length, colours and details that will point out what draws your heart.

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Consider These Tips for Your Second Wedding

Planning your upcoming ceremony should be a fun, rewarding experience. Divorced mums should consider these tips at their second wedding to minimise any stressful choices. Have fun picking out delicious menu items, gorgeous dresses and your registry gifts while finishing your to-do list before your big day arrives.

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