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Buying her first home when she was just 22, Michelle May has gone on to become one of Australia’s most trusted and experienced property experts. She is often invited to speak about buying and selling property in the national media, where her expertise is in demand.

Michelle knows that buying a property is an incredibly stressful time, especially as the entire real estate industry is set up to service the needs of vendors and get the best price for them.

As a buyer’s agent, Michelle’s job is to redress the imbalance, by working solely for the buyer and securing the right home at the lowest possible price. Through her years of studying the market, and by taking a non-emotional approach, Michelle is able to cut through the real estate agent bluster, to capture the very best deal for her client. Most importantly, if she feels a property is overpriced, or substandard, she is prepared to walk away.

In this softening market, the need for Michelle’s services are greater than ever, as vendors attempt to unload inferior properties to unsuspecting investors.

Over the years, Michelle has quite literally saved her clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Michelle May takes the pain out of buying your next home.

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