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Separation and divorce can be difficult and scary. The end of a relationship can be an emotional and traumatic time, particularly if children are involved.

Some of the things you’ll want to be aware of is how to organise your income, super, wills and insurance. You’ll probably be wondering about how to apply for a divorce, the costs involved, proof of a divorce, nullity, separation, and serving papers on another party. How about the impact on your child or children? You’ll need to find out about the child support you’re entitled to, the available support services for families and other resources to help families going through separation.

If it all seems incredibly overwhelming and you don’t want to drag it out, let us help you manage your fresh start. Whether you need a lawyer or a mediator, or information on how to do this on your own, we’re here for you. We are passionate about helping clients achieve their best possible outcome – promptly, cost-effectively and, if appropriate, without resorting to court.  We’ve helped thousands successfully manage the end of their marriage or de facto relationship, but we recognise that each person’s experience is unique.

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Free 15-minute telephone or video conference consultation to get your questions answered and start you on your way. To get the most out of your free initial consultation, we encourage you to complete our online induction ahead of time.

Free e-book The Family Law Guide for Australia answering many of your questions including child custody, finances and more: