JOUJOU Australia

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JOUJOU provides you with the instruments to conduct your own sexual orchestra and write the sexual symphony of your dreams.

Our lifestyle products will not only help improve your orgasm and your sex life but will also have positive effects on your health, wellbeing and relationships. Stress reduction, youthful glow, improved sleep and self-esteem – we will get your hormones firing and make it happen.

Arousal fuelling desire, JOUJOU will help you explore new and existing sexual fantasies, strengthen your bond with your partner and allow your love to blossom.

JOUJOU aims to bring about change – a sexual revolution.

Let’s take the secret out of the sexual experience. Freedom to explore and own your sexuality, grow in knowledge, appreciation and respect of one’s pleasure is our mantra.

JOUJOU promotes harmony and acceptance of difference because the sexual experience is our common element. Through the senses we awaken our minds and our bodies; fuelling them to create our better tomorrow.

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