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We all have dreams about what life will be like when we grow up. Yet, as we get older, we can find ourselves dealing with a reality that’s very different to what we had hoped for ourselves.

Think about your life right now. Is there a feeling inside your heart that there is more to life for you? Do you want more but the thought of getting started is overwhelming?

Created by award-winning Australian entrepreneur and businesswoman Lisa Burling, Dream A Little Dream ProjectTM is a growing community of people globally who believe in the power of little dreams to change their lives – fast.  Lisa gives you a front row seat into how she quickly shifted her reality from one of unexpected trauma and devastating heartbreak as a single mum of two babies, to fulfilment and opportunity simply by keeping her dreams small.

Purchase Lisa’s first book, Dream A Little Dream, to step into her inspirational story, combined with practical hints and tips. She proves dreaming little really is the secret to creating and living a life you’ll love – not tomorrow, but today!

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Use the discount code DALD10 to receive 10% off at the Dream A Little Dream Project Shop where my book and inspirational postcards are available to purchase.