Child Support for single mums: What to expect

Child Support for single mums: What to expect

The process of a divorce is very hard, very laborious and drags on for a much larger length of time than most anticipate. Even the cleanest of divorces can go this way. What makes things even harder is when there are children involved in the divorce, because of course custody needs to be allocated.  

After I was divorced I was working with some family lawyers in Sydney and I have to be honest were it not for their support, I couldn’t have gotten through it as I did. My first recommendation therefore is that if you are going through this process, especially if there are kids involved, then be sure to invest the time on finding the very best lawyers. If you are granted custody then you will also have to explore child support and what that means for your ex-partner and yourself. Thankfully this is taken care of by a 3rd party, who will ensure that any money which should be paid to you, is received each month.

This however is not as easy as simply allocating an amount and ensuring that it is paid, and here are some things which you can expect with regards to child support as a single parent.

How Much Can You Expect? 

With regards to how much you can expect, this is going to vary based on the state in which you live and what the local laws are with regards to calculating child support. What we can say however is that that it will be worked out based on both parent’s salaries, how many children you have and what other dependents there may be. More often than not this is an income-shares model which will combine the incomes of both parents and then looks at how much the non-custodial partner will have to commit for the care of the child or the children.

How To Spend Child Support

There is a perceived level of trust of the custodial parent with the child support which they receive and it is expected that the money will be used on items for the child. The parent does not need to keep receipts or prove that this is how the money has been spent, in most cases the reality is that the calculator which is used rarely ensures that the child support covers the expenses of a child’s living. Nonetheless the money will of course support with items such as clothes, trips, food and general care for the child.  

Changing Situations

Something which both the custodial and non-custodial parent ought to be aware of is the fact that child support is a fluid agreement which can often be changed. This can be changed if one parent has a change in their situation, for example if they get a better paid job or indeed if they lose their job. If someone else comes into the home such as a new partner then again, child support will be re-reviewed to ensure that it is fit for purpose. It is however down to each parent to tell the child support service about any changes which may have taken place in their lives.

Keeping It Civil

It should be known that in order to get child support you do not always have to go down the official route and if you and your partner have left on good terms then an agreement could be reached. What this will mean of course is that you have to have ultimate trust in your ex-partner as it will also mean that should they fail to pay, there is nobody who can force them into doing so. The best bet if you are going to have an agreement like this is to keep it civil, yet also make it official. For a small fee you could pay a solicitor to ratify the agreement which will give the custodial parent a little more protection with regards to making sure that they get that child support each month.

single mother support If you have any more questions regarding child support then please feel free to get in touch in the comments section below this post and we’ll do all we can

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