How giving to charity at Christmas can really help your kids

World Vision | Beanstalk Single Mums Podcast

We can hardly be blamed for getting caught up in consumerism at Christmas. It is everywhere! We are constantly encouraged to buy more, to eat more, and to keep up with everyone around us.

Quite frankly, it’s exhausting.

Are you ready to pull in the reigns this Christmas and to offer a little of what you have to those in desperate need?

Christmas is a time to accept our place on the globe, to practice gratitude for all we have and to help our children understand how and why to give to charity.

If I’ve not convinced you, then Noddy Sharma from World Vision certainly will. He explains how donating is so much more than a simple act of giving. It will educate your kids, help them to see the bigger picture of the world around them and instil wonderful values that they will hold in their hearts forever, and maybe even pass down to their own children.

How giving to charity at Christmas can really help your kids

Listen to Noddy and I discuss:

    • Why it’s so flippin’ hard not to get caught up in consumerism at Christmas and ultimately overspend
    • How to ignite an enthusiasm in our kids to be charitable
    • Some of the really cool ways for you and your kids to donate through World Vision
    • How much of what you donate reaches the right place (I know this is something you’ll be wondering!)
    • The message it give our kids if they see us donating at Christmas
    • How to make our kids aware of disasters/crisis situations around the world … without terrifying them



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