14 Ways to celebrate your birthday as a single mother

Celebrate your birthday as a single mother | Beanstalk Mums

It’s your birthday, YAY!

Now, I don’t want to hear any of this “yeah, it’s just another day” stuff.

You, wonderful lady, have graced our planet for another year … and that needs celebrating. And if not celebrating, then at least marking.

But what to do?

I’ve put together a list of ways to celebrate your birthday as a single mother so whatever your inclination you can celebrate your birthday your way.

And, in case you are wondering who the hell I am …

I’m Lucy, a single mum and the founder of the website you are on! I spend my time helping other single mums embrace independence, redefine their paths and be the best they can be, all whilst being brilliant single mums. You can get more in-depth, personalised support from my “You’ve Got This” Single Mum eCourse so feel free to take a looksy.



We’re single mums, we all have a bit of crazy in us. All good of course! If you like to get that adrenalin pumping or do something a little “out there”, then your birthday is the perfect time to get away with it. Think Skydiving, pole dancing, skinny dipping … or whatever floats your boat.


Whether you want to celebrate your birthday as a single mother, or not, you can bet your kids will want you to. And, as single mothers, nothing brings us more happiness than seeing our kids happy. Enjoy an age-appropriate treat with them. Dinner out, a picnic, a trip to the zoo? Depending on their age, they could make you breakfast in bed … just allow a good hour to clean the tragedy that was once your kitchen!


You want to celebrate a kid-fee birthday? And why the hell shouldn’t you? We all need space from our kiddies every now and then. Call on a family member, friend or local babysitting service to care for your brood while you enjoy your birthday “sans kids”. If you don’t have anyone to babysit or can’t afford it, do something while they are at school or day care … or even while they are sleeping!

Feeling guilty? Don’t. Read this article: The truth about mum guilt and how to kiss it goodbye.


Oh yeah baby. It’s tattoo time! A permanent way to quite literally mark your time on our planet. Is there a symbol or saying that means something to you? Something to mark your journey and how far you have come? Or a small inspirational reminder about how you want to live your life? So, get thinking and book in early to get a birthday tattoo to celebrate your birthday as a single mother.

For more creativeness, check out this list: 30 Tattoos to celebrate single motherhood.


As single mothers our days are full of endless tasks, and then there are the bigger jobs that we struggle to find time for. Why not gift yourself by getting someone else to do a task for you. Maybe order a week of a meal delivery service to eliminate shopping and menu planning. Or get on Airtasker and find a guy to clean those dirty windows that have been bugging you for years now. Make sure it’s a hot day, he might even do it topless for you!


Desperate to know what your destiny has in store for you? Then treat yourself to a fortune telling session. Whether it’s tarot cards at your local market or an online psychic (try LifeReader), it will be an unusual and exciting occasion to get you thinking on your birthday.


We all need extra loving on our birthday. So, if you don’t have anyone to fulfil this need for you, DIY it. Self-love can be simple and easy to fit into your single mum life. Think a home pamper evening, having a lie-in (my fav) or watching the sun set. And loving doesn’t have to stop there. Treat yourself to a new sexy toy and get intimate with the best person on earth … YOU.

Inspiration for self-love is free flowing in these articles:

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Never mind New Year for new resolutions, your own personal New Year is your birthday. Why not make a promise to yourself for the year ahead? It’s important to keep your goals simple and achievable. Some ideas include a healthy new diet or a money saving mission.


Now here’s an idea for your birthday. Spend a happy few hours scrolling through photos on your phone for the past year. Choose your absolute favourite and get it made into a canvas for your wall. It is super easy to do and you’ll be so grateful you did as you catch a glimpse of your creation for years to come. Look at Canvas Champ and OfficeWorks as a starting point.


How I love to open a gift on my birthday. If your kids are young, get assertive and organise your gift yourself. I like to choose something within my current budget for my kids to wrap and voila … a gift for ME. When my daughters got slightly older, I gave them money to buy something (with some very big hints). Now, they work part-time and buy from their own money, which is super special. Remember, it’s important for your children to see mum getting gifts and being spoilt on her special day.

Stuck for ideas, see here: 75+ Brilliant gift ideas for mum.


If you’d like a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, order yourself a subscription gift. This can be as cheap as your favourite magazine being delivered monthly to your door (see iSubscribe) or go fancy with subscription box. Whether your weak spot is cosmetics, wine, coffee, pampering, even knickers … you’ll find something perfect for you.

Find out more about subscription boxes here: 30+ Subscription boxes in Australia.


If you’d like a little get together but can’t leave the house because of the kids, or because family and friends are too far away, get partying on Zoom or a similar video chat app. Arrange a time, send out your invites, get dolled up, grab the drinks and snacks … and away you go. The best part is that there’s no mess to clean up and you don’t need to pay for a babysitter or an Uber home.


I’m just gonna say it: A birthday is not a birthday without cake! So, make sure you organise yours. If you love baking spend time creating something special to be devoured on the day. If you love baking with your kids put time aside to “make mummy a birthday cake” together. Or, if you can’t face another minute in the kitchen, do what any decerning single mother would do and buy one. Don’t forget the candles … I won’t ask how many.


Ok, so if you go into work, your colleagues might make a fuss of you and even produce a gift, but wouldn’t you rather have the day off on your birthday? I know I would. Plan early and book the day off to do something nice or sweet FA. If you don’t work, then take the day off from your chores around the home and do something nice or sweet FA. Just DON’T WORK MAMA … it’s your birthday.

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