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    2 and a half years ago, I walked out on my now ex husband. There was no heated argument, things just piled up over time and I figured it’s best if I left. We have 2 kids, one is now 6 and the other is 3. When I left, I was upset but, I was relieved. I know I didn’t make a mistake because things were just not working out for us. In those 2 years our children were living with me on weekdays and at their fathers on weekends. Every month or so he would try to fix things between us but, I never let it happen. I was happy..single but happy. Here’s when it all went down hill.. He decided he wanted to move back home 7 months ago. Now the kids are with me 24/7 with 0 breaks. I was still doing fine, until he stopped calling his kids. He would answer when they called but, he never called to talk to them or even asked about how they were doing. After a while I find out he got engaged. It was such a shock to me because he always said he would never get married again. I knew it was eventually going to happen but, the fact that I found out about it by surprise really got to me for some reason. About 2 weeks ago, he came for a visit and he’s had the kids for about 10 days. I can’t seem to get him off my mind even though I know we aren’t good for each other. He talks to me about the kids but, he makes conversations about things that aren’t very necessary and it just seems like it’s to have a conversation. So one night I asked if he missed me, he said no and that he was in a relationship and it wasn’t appropriate. Ok, I get that but then why are you msging me randomly about things that aren’t necessary? I never asked, I said I was just wondering and it’s not like I miss you but I just got that feeling from you…

    Why the hell do I miss him now after all those years??? Like I was over him?

    My problem is I could be lonely but every time something good comes into my life, I end it. Wth is wrong with me

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    Lucy Good
    Lucy Good

    Thanks for posting on the Forum. We have had some technical issues and ladies have been able to post but not respond .. it is all fixed now, so you can look forward to getting some support.

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    It is normal for you to feel this way as this is part of the moving on process. If you have been together for a long time then, of course, there are times that you will miss him all of this will eventually pass once you fully move on. Just try to focus on other things that you can do to divert your attention.

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    Lucy Good
    Lucy Good

    We always want what we haven’t got!

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    Gretel Digo

    True that. Have you looked into online dating? Meeting someone new might just be the push you need to finally move on and forget. Best of luck.

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    What your feeling is normal hun this is part of the moving on process and sometimes we think that we will truly lose the person because they are with someone else now and maybe you just got used to the fact that he is always there and you expected him not to get married again because he said so before but thing change and time change and we have to adapt to it. You said so yourself you’re no good for each other things happen for a reason and there’s someone else out there for you.

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