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    Just wanted to know what others have put the father’s name on the birth certificate? I am worried if I don’t then he can get away with paying for child support?
    But at the same time our situation is messy and I really prefer not to put his name on it if I can.

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    You can put him down as the father but will depend if he signs it or not. Having him on the birth certificate does make it easier for you to claim child support but if the situation is messy is child support really worth it?
    If he pays child support then it really doesn’t matter if he’s on the birth certificate or not as he will still have the same rights to the child even if he isn’t on birth certificate.
    I put father unknown on mine as not having to deal with a violent abusive ex is worth way more to me than any amount of child support but obviously my situation is completely different to yours.

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    Even if you get granted child support, doesn’t mean you’ll actually get it. There are plenty of stories on the vine where ex’s have lied and quit good paying jobs to do cash joins to avoid paying required child support out of spite. Given your circumstances I wouldn’t rely on money or support from him. Unfortunately, when the situation is messy it’s usually a lot of work before it works out- Ask yourself do I really want to be dealing with this for the next 18 years. if the answer is no, then don’t put him on. It will give you a reprieve and if he’s serious about being in babies life he’ll put in the work to have the certificate legally changed and the rest cash be worked out from there.

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