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    Hi all,
    I hope someone will be able to help me know how to navigate the next steps.

    I was seeing someone who was separated with a child and told me he was arranging divorce. But a week ago he said he couldn’t go through with it and doesn’t want to hurt his son. I was pretty angry but eventually decided to let him go and reconcile with his family. It would be the best thing for everyone.
    However I just found out two days ago that I am pregnant. I was shocked but also at peace about it. I wasn’t upset or stressed as I had wanted a child for a long time and didn’t think that it was possible for me to conceive due to a lot of previous menstrual issues. I want to keep the baby but just feel lost as to what to do next.

    1. How much paid maternity leave do you get from the government? I read somewhere it’s 18 weeks? So for any longer mat leave does that mean it is unpaid if it is not covered by work?

    2. For full time working mums, if you went back to work straight after the 18 weeks of maternity leave, does your child go to childcare? and if at such a young age does it harm them being left in childcare full time?

    3. How soon do I need to look for a childcare? Is there a wait time?

    4. How high can your income be in Victoria before the government stop any financial support?

    5. Are there any support groups or mentors are available in Melbourne for single mums who don’t have any guidance step by step what to do? I feel lost and wished there was someone to advise on the things I should be doing or looking at now.

    Sorry for so many questions but really needing some guidance!

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    18 weeks minimum wage from the government plus whatever your employer offers.

    Childcare doesn’t damage children. Its personal choice wether a child goes into care, they take them from 6 weeks old.
    I personally couldn’t have done it having seen the little babies in the child care nursery. The educators are wonderful, but are no substitution for a parent from who that little baby learns from and creates a bond with in the first year. (dont get me wrong, my kids were in child care from age 1 upto 4 days a week, so Im not judging mums who do. But if you can take more time off, definetly do it.) also, mentally and physically, I couldn’t have gone back to work after 18 weeks! Babies are hard sleep depriving work without a day job too.

    Some places have waiting lists, it depends on your area and population. Doesn’t hurt to start looking before baby is born.

    It depends what you mean by financial support. There are several different welfare payment options and theyre all means tested.

    Ask your GP or midwifery progran for a referral to services for mums to be, theres lots out there!

    Lastly, congratulations! Sounds like a true blessing to you x

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    Congratulations! It is indeed a gift. I can see that your question have been answered above so I just want to give you emotional empowerment. Even though you will be raising your child on your own don’t ever lose hope always find strength in your child and I wish you good luck and all the best.

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