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      Hey everyone,
      I’m looking for some advice or even some tips on how to deal with something.

      I’m currently pregnant, and definitely feeling like my hormones are set to overdrive.
      I’m feeling sad, depressed, exhausted, feeling like what’s the point, also feeling mad and frustrated. And yes I’m feeling this all the time. It’s totally exhausting.

      Now I’m never one who would ever take my life, I have a amazing supportive family and friends, but also have a toddler who is my rock.

      I just feel there’s no point in talking about it with anyone because they will be quick to say it’s just pregnancy hormones. And I get it, it probably is, but I don’t know how to improve this. I have been feeling this way my whole pregnancy and as I get further along I feel it just gets more intense.
      I feel like crying all the time or shutting myself away from the world untill this pregnancy is over.
      And I hate myself for feeling that way, I know I’m incredibly blessed to even be pregnant.

      Even if I have a break and the toddler goes for a sleep over to the grandparents & shut my self away and just relax it feels like not enough. I’ve tried getting a pamper like pedicure etc but doesn’t feel like its doing anything to improve my stress and I guess sadness.

      I’ve also been feeling very drained and tired from the pregnancy, find g it hard to to just every day tasks.

      Has anyone ever felt like this during a pregnancy? Any advice or tips on how to get myself out of this rut?
      Anything will be hugely appreciated
      Thanks Mummas!

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      Sounds like possible perinatal depression. Highly recommend discussing your feelings with a GP.

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      Hi, firstly I’m sorry you’re going through this. I felt the same way during my last pregnancy. I woke every morning with dread. I didn’t want to parent my other 2 kids who were young and I just didn’t have the energy. I felt so guilty for being so depressed because I lost a baby at 17 weeks due to an incompetent cervix and knew how lucky I was to be able to get a stitch to hold my last 2 babies in longer. I haven’t really got any tips to help because nothing I did made me feel better, except going to work to feel like myself for a bit. It does sound like perinatal depression and you should probably chat to your GP just in case. Looking back I had this too but to give you hope I felt happy and content once I’d had my baby. It was like a switch. Hormones can make us feel so weird! Hugs to you and I really hope you feel well again once your baby is in your arms. Here to chat if you need x

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      Lucy GoodLucy Good

      Definitely sounds like depression, I know this as I get it. It’s unlikely you can take medication while you are pregnant, however I would visit your GP for support. Sometimes just taking action can help. Really hoping you feel better soon.

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