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    My son (12) wants Grand Theft Auto for Christmas but I have been told it is the worst game that stores sell. It has drug use, sex etc.
    My son plays it at his dad’s house all the time but my son says it’s not in story mode so there isn’t the sex etc
    His dad and I don’t speak and he wouldn’t care about my concerns if I were to raise anything with him. Years ago I said I didn’t think it was appropriate but he didn’t care, he wants to be a cool dad.

    So my question to you mummies, would you buy this for your son when he is already playing it and it’s the only thing he is asking for for Christmas.

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    Its R rated for a reason!
    And its not sex, its rape. They throw prostitutes into cars rape them and “dont pay” as (one) part of that foul game.

    Absolutely not. Theres 1000s of other games out there that dont involve gratuitous violence and warp a young boys mind.

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    In addition to my response above

    Go into a games store and chat with the store nerds. They’re super knowledgeable and know whats on trend for kids atm.

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    If he’s already playing it what more harm can it do? But at the same time you could use that as an excuse … ‘you already have that game at dad’s so choose another one for our house’.

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    The game has an R rating because it is not fit for kids to play there’s so much violence in that game I know for sure because my husband used to play that before we had kids. I will never suggest it to any kid or parent for that matter.

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    Lucy Good
    Lucy Good

    Stick to your guns, if you feel it inappropriate, don’t get him it. It’s bad enough he gets to play it at dads

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    Nope nope nope, I would not be normalising what’s going on in that game. We have a massive problem of violence against women in our society and I would not be allowing anything that contributes to it. Would it be possible for you to sit down and discuss with him why the game is R rated, how you view it as a woman, and discuss the harm that it can cause? At 12, he’s possibly old enough to start talking about these broader issues. Or if you don’t yet feel up to that, you can just take the line that he gets to do/have different things in each house, and that’s OK.

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