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      So ladies…

      My mum (in her 60s) is new to the dating world and has her first boyfriend since my dad died.

      I’ve met him a small handful of times not even totalling 20 minutes.

      Today she thought we could hang out at the local Christmas pageant. My kids and mum were going to walk in it and he and I were going to watch.

      When he 1st came up to us he put his arm around me and my mum went and stood the other side and his arm slide down my back and rested on my bum cheek for a couple of seconds. I moved away and I wasn’t sure how to handle it. I wish I said something.

      I feel if I say anything to my mum she will accuse me of trying to cause problems and also laugh about it but secretly wouldn’t be ok with it. My closest friends agree and all think I shouldn’t say anything. She is so far in the dick sand (all about a guy she has forgotten about her family and friends).

      There are lots of red flags about their relationship and he has a bad reputation (cheating on every partner etc) but I think they are going to be together for awhile.

      It’s made me so uncomfortable. Yuk. Just having a vent on here. I feel sick

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      I’m sorry this happened to you, yes its yuk. But if your Mum is that far in the dick sand it may only put distance between you and her. I wouldn’t say anything this time but I would be diligent around the guy and have firm physical boundaries in place so that he doesn’t get the opportunity to do something like that again. And I’d be watching how he behaves around your children, cause that shit is not on, and screams creepy. It would make my skin crawl too.

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      I would say to the boyfriend next time you see him that he keeps his hands to himself, and I would say it in front of your mum. Don’t laugh it off in front of anyone, that behaviour is inappropriate on all levels. Most people who accidently touch someone would apologise on the spot. He sounds dodgy and I would only let your mother watch your children at your house, without him. There is no such thing as an overreaction on this.

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      Sorry to hear this I know it really feels so disgusting. What I suggest you do is to set up some boundaries and let him know about it so he won’t take every opportunity he can to do these things.

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