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      Hi ladies,

      I am a single Mum will 80% care of two girls and have been separated for nearly 2 years and it’s been incredibly acrimonious and difficult, we still have lawyers engaged for family and financial settlements but the past few years have been so taxing and emotionally draining.

      I have recently discovered a lump in my breast that they are concerned is breast cancer, and I am waiting for my biopsy next week. I will need to undergo a lumpectomy as the lump is large. I’m really stressing out, as my family situation is so complicated and my ex husband is trying to take me to court for custody. Despite my best efforts, we are on non speaking terms.

      I don’t know how to bridge this gap but feel it’s more important now than ever for us to try and work together. I’m stressed about the what if’s – what if I need treatment, what if I don’t see my daughters grow up? My anxiety is piquing and there’s so much going on. I don’t think I’ll be much good during mediation because I’m so stressed, but there’s also really good reasons that my ex husband no longer has the 50/50 care he once enjoyed. My eldest is seeing a psychologist, my kids are struggling, but I’m also struggling to be able to get my head right and work out the steps moving forward.

      Hoping someone has some practical advice for me, because my anxiety has me in a constant state of panic!


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      Lucy GoodLucy Good

      So sorry to hear this. Get yourself to your doctor for support with your anxiety. You are not expected to deal with this alone.

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      Lucy GoodLucy Good

      Poor you.

      I suggest you talk to your ex and let him know what’s happening.

      Also, try and stay calm as the results might be in your favour.

      Wishing you love and luck for this hard time.

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