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      Had a rough day today, I feel like such a crappy mother. I love my LO so much but some days are so hard. I just can’t do everything. There isn’t enough energy in me, hours in the days to get it all done let alone done well. I feel like I just can’t win. Anyone else feel like this? Is it just me? Does life ever get any easier or more peaceful?

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      It’s ok, we all have these days. Try to remember that how you feel isn’t how you are -I’m sure your LO wouldn’t say you’re a bad mum. Being tired and stressed naturally makes things seem worse, but you’ve got to be kind to yourself, because you’re doing your best and life is not always easy.

      And remember, it won’t always feel like this – the sun always comes out eventually. Hugs xx

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      Kids know what you do all the time and appreciate crappy days too.
      Give yourself some credit++
      Having such insight to know what you expected, just didn’t happen.

      Such is life. Or shit happens 😉

      Today wasn’t all so good.
      Next day will be great.
      Sometimes us Mums can be our own hardest critic.

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      Lucy GoodLucy Good

      Look around and work our what needs to be done and what can wait. It’s fine if the house is messy or dinner doesn’t include all 5 food groups. Give yourself a break.

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