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    I’m just after some advise.
    Ex and I have been separated 2 years. We are up and down being nice and mean to each other. I’m spent! Recently had to block his number and only communicate via email as his constant harassment and digs via texts were relentless and he didn’t stop when I asked him to.
    Anyway he had a bank account which he invited me to join whilst we were together. When we separated I got my own account and left the joint one to him.
    I’ve asked him over the years to close it as I see it and he is terrible with money often overdraws etc.
    looking to refinance my home and my broker mentioned this account and advised it’s effecting my credit score – I never miss a bill so I’m gutted!
    I emailed ex said I would give him till Tuesday to close this as it’s having a negative impact. Only asked him as recently as 2 weeks ago to please close it. I also saw him and advised the same and he starts yelling and getting angry and said he will not be closing it and I can’t do that. I advised him I have spoken to bank on multiple occasions and been advised I can close this.

    He is very unpredictable and aggressive at the moment – accused my partner of wanting to touch my daughter, told me he would report kids bikes stolen if I did not return them by end of today as he brought these ( kids see him every other weekend) I returned these today. He only lives 1min drive from my house.

    Is there a way I can speak to the bank to get my name off this account as I’m really concerned for my welfare. I understand this behaviour falls under domestic violence. Is there a clause or policy with the bank that would aid in protecting me in this to just remove me from account?

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    Lucy Good
    Lucy Good

    Definitely, I would actually go into you bank and ask to have your name removed. If they are unable to do it then as for a letter confirming that you have requested. That way if you need it for court/mortgage broker you have something to show that you have tried and it is not your spending. Good luck.

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    Yes if it is joint account then the account doesn’t necessarily need to be closed you just need to request to take out your name from that account.

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